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Tallinn - 1 jobs in July 2015

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Testlio [https://testlio.com/jobs/] | ONSITE - Tallinn, Estonia

Testlio is replacing the necessity for in-house QA engineers. We have a large community of expert testers which work together with your team on our QA platform. We will completely manage your QA. You give us your build, we get a team of testers, you receive a report showing all of your critical bugs.

We are looking for strong web (frontend, backend, full stack) and mobile (iOS, Android) software developers. Be part of a small engineering team where you can have real impact on the course of the product development.

Our current web stack is mostly PHP and Node. We're moving more towards a Node based backend, but believe in choosing the right tool for the job and are not religious about any one technology. All our new frontend code is being built with React.

On mobile we want to build apps to help our testers receive apps and instructions for testing, as well as reporting results without ever having to leave the device. This will include an SDK for our clients to integrate into their app to enable better reporting.