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Berlin - 20 jobs in August 2015

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Spiffy | Berlin / Europe | Senior Go / Golang Developer(s) | madebyspiffy.com/jobs | REMOTE | PART-TIME

We're small startup building a whiteboxed dispatch system to sell initially to taxi firms, we are a distributed company and work 100% remotely, 95% of costs are wages, we have no VC funding and pay our own way via revenue. We offer a paid trial month. As for the product we've found "market-fit" and we're now iterating towards a robust scalable finish.

As a developer at spiffy you only work 20 hours a week, all we require is that you're around in the afternoon, there's no hierarchy & no management, we work in small vertical teams and you're expected to decide, design, implement, maintain & support. The wage (for everyone) is €3000 per month + VAT for now but you're employed as a consultant (less tax) and can take on other projects at the same time, not enough to live in London or Zurich but enough to live somewhere with a nice beach or even in Berlin (like me).

As for tooling, we use github, jenkins & slack and we're always constantly improving. There are no skype calls, no meetings of any kind, no standups, no performance reviews, just open and honest communication.

We are only looking for senior developers (3+ years) at this moment who can be around in the afternoons Central European Time

I personally would like to work with someone who employs TDD pragmatically and writes clean maintainable code. Who is widely read, possessing a depth of experience and able to bring ideas to the table. Experience building, operating & testing distributed systems would be a massive plus.

At the moment we've developed a microservice architecture on app engine and we'll be moving to containers in the near future. We don't expect you to have three years of Go experience but you need have something in Go/Golang to show us.

Just write a short cover letter detailing your past projects and what you'll bring but don't forget to indicate that you've read into what the company is about. Multi stage interviews are too resource consuming so if we like your application and you come across well in the interview then we'll invite you for a paid trial month.

Email us at hello@madebyspiffy.com


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Pivotal Labs | NYC and many other locations | Engineers, Designers, Product Manager

Pivotal Labs is a division of Pivotal Inc.

We help clients to become better at development. We are religiously lean and agile -- in practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside.

Our NYC office is growing fast to meet exploding demand for Labs and Cloud Foundry assistance. We are also hiring in all our offices, including new offices: SF, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, London, Dublin, Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney.

We provide visa and relocation assistance. In the NYC office we have about 15 people from overseas, including Australians like me.

At the office we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east coast style is more fun to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

Frankly this is the best job I've ever had -- I've learnt more here than anywhere else.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers

But if you email me -- jchester@pivotal.io -- I can take advantage of our generous referral program and answer any private questions you might have.


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Lateral - Berlin, Germany

Hey everyone!

Lateral builds APIs that enable any developer to integrate machine learning into their apps and service, helping them deliver next generation intelligent functionality to their users. We are an international and driven team that is highly technical, appreciates design and likes a good laugh.

We're looking for ambitious people to join our team. If you've got skills in some of the below, let us know:

  * HTML / CSS
  * Javascript (client-side)
  * Ruby on Rails
  * Test-driven development
  * DevOps
  * API Design
  * Server-side development (high performance APIs)
  * iOS development
How we work - To deliver our intuitive APIs, we work on the core ML algorithms, back-end development and DevOps. We also create demo products and applications powered by our API, such as NewsBot. We encourage open discussions and make decisions as a team, as we see collaboration as the key to success.

Why work with us - You can be part of an exciting and growing startup working with machine learning in innovative ways to solve real problems. You can work with a diverse set of languages, tools, platforms and topics and can have a say to steer the future of development at Lateral.

Interested? - Please send us an email to hello@lateral.io including a link to your GitHub or portfolio and a few sentences introducing yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Boiler Room | London | Web Developer | full time, ONSITE

Boiler Room is the world’s leading community of underground music fans. We live-stream DJ sets from underground music hubs such as London, Berlin, New York, Paris, LA and many others to music lovers all over the world. It started as a webcam taped to a warehouse wall in East London - in five years it has grown to become the online home of underground music, and also a complex broadcasting and editorial platform in its own right.

Our website hasn’t caught up with this huge expansion - it currently runs on WordPress and is in sore need of a complete overhaul. We’re in the process of totally redesigning it, giving us the opportunity to choose the perfect tech stack. You’ll be an essential part of a dev team currently consisting of 2 developers and 2 designers. You ideally have strong opinions about how web development should be done in 2015, and you should be able to come up with and implement new ideas for consuming & sharing online music experiences.

Going forward, we have some really exciting ideas around peer-to-peer audio and video streaming. We have upwards of a million pageviews on our site a month, and that’s not including the hundreds of millions of views that our videos have accumulated on YouTube and Dailymotion.

(...on top of that you’ll of course be able to go to & invite your friends to our exclusive parties being live-streamed on the site!)

If this sounds like your kind of jam, give me a shout on harry.l+hn@boilerroom.tv!


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1aim - Berlin, Germany | Onsite, Full Time, Visa

At 1aim, we develop (and manufacture) hardware, create software solutions and provide IT-Infrastructure. 1aim started 3 years ago as a company that solves the access management problem for large corporates and we developed a new generation of access systems in-house. We are now expanding our offering, as well as building new smart home/building automation products to complement our existing products.

We enable engineers to focus on what they can to best, letting them work on new products in small, highly interdisciplinary teams, as well as getting rid of management overhead and daily standup meetings.

We have almost no rules, we provide you with opportunities for your personal growth and flexible working hours. You will work in a fast moving, young team.

Right now, we are hiring new engineers for the following areas: - (Frontend) Web Development - Backend Development (with a focus on high security/cryptography) - Electrical Engineering & Embedded Software Development - Mechanical Engineering If you see yourself as genuinely creative, are fascinated by hardware and love great challenges we'd like to work with you on creating the "connected future".

We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities. If you are interested in working at 1aim, write us an email at work.hn<?>1aim.com and tell us about the projects you worked on that you are the most proud of and which technological feats of the past inspire you.

We provide visa assistance, limited relocation support and free basic housing until you find your own place to live.


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GetYourGuide ☆ Berlin - Zurich ☆ Full Time ☆ ONSITE

We are on a mission to turn trips into amazing experiences, using our product and technology to change the way travelers find and book things to do and explore their destination. We are customer focused and totally data driven and are ramping up our engineering capacity.

Looking for: Data scientists ☆ DevOps ☆ Front-end engineers ☆ Back-end engineers

We use technologies including Chef, Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, and Node.js

Find more about us and the job openings on our career page http://grnh.se/qmkt7n


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Location: Berlin or REMOTE Position: Backend Developer (full-time or freelance)

Interact.io is a boutique software startup specializing in the design and development of cloud-based analytics and communication solutions for sales organizations.

What you’ll do • Help with product definition and contribute to the conception of new functions • Participate in architecture decisions, complex development tasks and challenging projects • Work and extend back-end services for internal and external services • Design and build useful and intuitive-to-use REST APIs that serve our mobile and web-apps. • Set the foundations for our search and analytic infrastructure. • Write clean, modular, testable, and robust code.

Qualifications • M.Sc in IT, Computer Science or related fields such as Mathematics • Extensive experience in Java and one more languages such as Scala, Closure, Ruby, Python, C, or C++ • Expert handling Java frameworks and technologies like DropWizard and Jersey, Spring and JPA • Experience with search technologies such as Lucene, Elasticsearch or Solr • Experience with NoSQL databases like Dynamo, Mongo or Cassandra • Experience developing popular public APIs • Experience in software design techniques, TDD and Continuous Integration • Bonus: active in open source communities (show us your GitHub profile!)

What you get out of it • Shape our product and contribute to the growth of interact.io • Work with other young professionals in a startup started by an experienced team and backed by a renowned advisory team • Equity!


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BaseCase: Berlin, Germany (REMOTE, VISA)

Our primary product is a sophisticated web application which allows non-developers create interactive presentations.

We're looking for talented developers. Our technology stack is Javascript / jQuery / HTML5 on the front-end, and Python / MySQL on the back-end. But you don't need experience in our stack - we know a good developer can learn on the job.

We can support REMOTE workers, and are willing to assist in obtaining a work VISA for Germany if required.

We have been profitable for several years, so we can offer very competitive salaries, with stock options.

If this sounds interesting, apply here:

-) Software Engineer: https://basecasecareers.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hffr

-) Senior Software Engineer: https://basecasecareers.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hff4

Some relevant background videos:

-) http://basecase.com/company/careers

-) http://basecase.com/platform/video/


Diarmuid Glynn / CTO / d.glynn@basecase.com


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DreamCheaper.com | http://www.dreamcheaper.com | Berlin, Germany | Competitive salary / equity | ONSITE | FULLTIME

Senior PHP Symfony Developer

TechCrunch dubbed us "the most hated startup in the hotel booking market". Help us give the power back to the people and join our experienced CTO in building & leading our local and remote development teams. We're well-funded by major European VCs and industry veterans so you can get to know the exciting world of fast growth and work with experts in their fields. We're friends that value learning and growth and we work hard to enable anyone to do their best work!


Awesome! Check out http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/94435/senior-php-symfo... to know more and get in touch via jobs@dreamcheaper.com.

We're looking forward to getting to know you!


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Cringle | Berlin Kreuzberg | Senior Full Stack Developer | https://goo.gl/iN6swq | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

ABOUT CRINGLE Cringle is an app that makes payments between friends as easy as WhatsApp. Together with the second biggest direct bank Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) we provide the most modern mobile peer to peer payment app in Germany. Cringle was founded two years ago, won multiple excellence awards and received its first support from Microsoft Ventures Accelerator and the Technical University of Berlin.

YOUR ROLE You work with us on the Cringle backend, extending our APIs and general functionality You write tests to ensure robustness You help us build a healthy and scalable infrastructure in the Cloud™ You help out in the frontend and Android or iOS client development

YOUR PROFILE You are a devoted developer and you love solving complex problems in a smart way? You have fun working with the latest technology to build a system that can safely scale up to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions?

You have minimum 3+ years’ experience in building complex projects You have experience with Ruby on Rails or Go development You have experience with Test-driven development You have experience with Client-server communication You know what it feels like to finish your scrum sprint’s work early You have knowledge and skill of at least one of the following: Android development, iOS development, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Building infrastructures on the Docker stack

WHAT WE OFFER You are an essential part of a committed international team with flat hierarchies and agile decision making processes Your work is essential for Cringle and has a large impact You have full responsibility for your varied tasks Working in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg surrounded by many other Start-Ups Competitive salary

Sounds like a fun job? Send us your impressive CV including references, portfolio and something that differentiates you as a person from others. E-mail info@cringle.net


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JustWatch (Berlin, Germany) is always out for smart, dedicated, entrepreneurial thinking INTERNS ONSITE, especially:

- Backend Development (Golang, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Aerospike)

- Web Development (Angular, Ionic, Cordova)

- SEO & Growth hacking

- Data science / business intelligence


- an intense learning culture with high degrees of autonomy and room for personal growth

- a sane development process with lots of code reviews and pairing

- Friday every two weeks is Dev Day, which is completely for refactoring, automation, simplification and tech talks

- great mentoring and regular feedback

About us:

- we're early stage, bootstrapped, frugal and rather share the company with our employees than with VCs

- 6 founders, each with a solid track record, equity possible even for entry levels

- B2C and B2B products with great traction already

Come see us at:



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Zalando is hiring in Berlin, Dortmund, Erfurt, Mönchengladbach (Germany); Dublin (Ireland); and Helsinki (Finland).

Zalando has built an entire fashion ecommerce stack, and is now starting development work on a number of new tech initiatives around extending beyond being just an ecommerce website to being a platform for connecting people with fashion. There is a lot of high end engineering and product work, from programming warehouses to building Big Pipe to cutting edge data science to building entirely new customer facing products.

It's a great place to work and an incredible product vision.

Check it out: https://tech.zalando.com


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Lendico https://www.lendico.com/ Berlin, Germany Full Time, VISA, ONSITE only, Will relocate

Senior Java Developers https://lendico.workable.com/jobs/87095

Senior PHP Developers https://lendico.workable.com/jobs/67431

We are looking for experienced developers who will help us with our next iteration(s) of our platform. Keywords: Distributed systems, fintech, microservices.

Contact: seong-min.kang@lendico.de


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relayr - https://www.relayr.io - Berlin, Germany - DevOps Engineer You will be an integral part of the server team, improving stability, performance and keeping the developers in line.

The Mission

    - Help build out our platform cluster (currently AWS)
    - Work with the Server engineers to bring new features to our platform
    - Keep it running
    - Develop Continuous Deployment and Monitoring strategies
Your Skills

    - A minimum of 3 years experience.
    - Experience working with Cloud Providers
    - Command line and shell scripting, python, ruby are your friends.
    - Deep knowledge of Linux operating system, ability to tweak it using sysctl, 
    inspect interprocess communication
    - Knowledge of TCP networking stack and ability to design
     firewalls and security rules. (iptables, ipfw, selinux)
    - Monitoring and Continuous Deployment make you passionate. 
    We use ELK, Grafana, Sensu and Jenkins among other tools 
    We love to experiment with new tools
    - Debian packaging
We Will

    - Listen to and value your opinion
    - Make mistakes, break stuff, learn and move on
    - Ask you to work on latest technologies
A growing team where your influence and skills will be needed, recognized and rewarded. Please write to jobs@relayr.io


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relayr - https://www.relayr.io - Berlin, Germany - Front-End Engineer

Relayr is all about bringing devices together. The devices deserve to have a front-end interface! You will build tools that will enable other developers to use our system. This means you will have the opportunity to create Cordova Mobile Applications, Node-Webkit Desktop Applications, ECMA6 JavaScript code and more.

The Mission:

    - Design and build Frontend Dashboards & Solutions for end users
    - Work on server technologies such as NodeJS
    - Work with prototyping hardware like the RaspberryPi and Arduino
Your Skills:

    - From 3-5 years experience in web engineering
    - Strong proficiency in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
    - Experience with AngularJS, Backbone, LESS, SASS, Grunt
    - Some experience in NodeJS, MongoDB and SQL
    - Experience in ECMA6 JavaScript and DevOps is a plus
We Will:

    - Listen to and value your opinion
    - Make mistakes, break stuff, learn and move on
    - Ask you to work on latest technologies
Please write to jobs@relayr.io


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Wiredcraft - We create apps that matter

We're engineers, designers & strategists creating software that solves real-world problems. Think data visualization for the World Bank, software to run the Myanmar elections or DevOps for the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world.

Wanna get a job your mom would be proud of? Send us your resume at job@wiredcraft.com.

We're quickly expanding to Berlin and DC and need a ton of folks to help us out:

- Sales & Business development | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/sales-business-development/

- Project manager | Berlin & Shanghai| Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/project-manager/

- Mobile developer | Berlin & Shanghai | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/mobile-developer/

- Front-end Developer | Berlin & Shanghai | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/front-end-developer/

- Design Director | Berlin & Shanghai | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/design-director/

- Online Marketing Intern | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/online-marketing-intern/

- Web & Mobile Designer | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/web-mobile-designer/

More details on our site: http://wiredcraft.com/about/#jobs.

Don't see a position that fits your skills? If you're smart and eager to learn, it'd be worth a shot to send us an email anyway: job@wiredcraft.com.

We sponsor visas.


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Novoda are hiring! London/Liverpool/Berlin

We're hiring Android Software Craftsmen (and more...) across our offices if you'd like to find out about out our current opportunities, please get in touch with us info@novoda.com



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ascribe | Full Time | Onsite | Berlin

We're working to rewire the internet, so creators can get fairly compensated.

We're looking for frontend & backend engineers. Big data, ML, blockchain, webcrawl. React, flux, django, AWS.

Do you want to make a difference to the future internet, to the world? Join us!



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Wiredcraft (http://wiredcraft.com/) -- Our offices: Shanghai, China/Berlin, Germany

We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure. We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://sweepboard.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in NYC this year. We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

- Front-end developer (HTML5 + Compass + AngularJS);We're not focused on one technology in particular (we can train you), but be prepared for a lot of Javascript: node.js, express.js, backbone.js, marionette.js...http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/front-end-developer/

- DevOps engineer; Come build what our software runs on. Wanted: *NIX virtuoso to help us scale apps to millions of users. Also: Docker:http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/devops-engineer/

- Mobile developer; We're looking for developers to help us build native, Web and hybrid mobile apps:http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/mobile-developer/

- Sales director (freelance + FT); You would be involved with the following sales responsibilities: -Scale our existing sales channels, -Develop new sales channels, -Build up new partnerships, -Develop new business opportunities, Keep in mind that we provide both services and product, both of which you would likely get a chance to help us with.http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/sales-business-development/

- Project manager; We're looking for somebody to help us lead and ship our projects and products. http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/project-manager/

- Designer director; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content,strategy,color,theory,...). http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/design-director/

- Online Marketing Intern; We'd love some help with growth hacking our products and marketing our services like there's no tomorrow: http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/online-marketing-intern/

Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to https://wiredcraft.typeform.com/to/GG4GQz


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eBay - London/Berlin - ONSITE - FULL TIME

eBay European Product Development (EPD) has teams in London and Berlin; we're part of a much larger Seller Experience group globally within eBay.

The Seller Experience group is responsible for improving the experience of our 25 million sellers worldwide. To do this, we improve existing experiences and build new products to make the life of eBay sellers better, no matter where in the world they are based.

We are continually striving for the highest quality, and work in small focussed teams following bits of Scrum, bits of Kanban, with a healthy dose of Extreme Programming (p.s these aren't buzzwords, we mean it when we say we do this stuff).

We need a developer with an expert's depth and breadth of experience in building high availability, scalable applications and RESTful API. You will be proficient in teaching and leading by example, and be comfortable mentoring both junior and senior engineers. Most of our applications are written in Java, Scala or Javascript.

You will work with people who care about well written, test-driven, clean code, delightful user experiences and all the lovely stuff that's involved with automatically tested, zero touch deployed applications. The team works very closely, and like to pair program on pretty much everything. Developers write their own tests, whilst learning from embedded test engineers who code.

We value individual contributors on the team and department level greatly, and have a fantastic culture of recognizing self starters. We hope you're getting the idea of what we're looking for. We're looking for great people, with an opinion, and the capability to back it up.

What we offer: * Dynamic, international teams with very skilled personalities, a passion for e-commerce, professionalism and a good sense of humour * A chance to interact with other teams across eBay. We will work closely with other teams across Europe and USA * A competitive salary, great benefits and an excellent working environment. * Silicon Valley amenities, such as iPhones and MacBook Pros, crazy high spec dev machines and very nice office facilities * An opportunity to build applications which are used by millions of people globally

For more information, see our careers site (yes, I know it looks a mess - I'm working on it!) - https://jobs.ebayinc.com/jobs/2324386-52000/London-United-Ki...

Alternatively, you can find me on twitter (http://twitter.com/sb_io) or contact me via my website - http://www.steve.codes/contact