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Dallas - 4 jobs in August 2015

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Headspring [http://www.headspring.com] | Onsite | Full-Time | VISA | Austin, Dallas and Houston, TX. Monterrey, Mexico.

Headspring is actively hiring .NET, Java and Frontend devs for all of its offices.

- Senior .NET Developer

- Senior Java Developer

- Project Manager

- Java Technical Lead

- Frontend Developer

- Technical Writer

Apply at: http://grnh.se/y4loje

(Also I think there’s an open position for a technical recruiter in Houston, I can refer you to Kristi, our lead recruiter).

At Headspring, we believe there's a better way We believe there's a better way to build software, to work with clients, and to do business. And we believe that it all starts with people.

Headspring is much more than a provider of enterprise software strategy and development, and the values that drive our company aren't just lip service. We are motivated by our daily opportunity to create a real impact in the world, and to enable our employees, our clients and our community to achieve beyond their perceived potential.

I’ve been in the company for 2 months now (Houston office, consultant/Frontend dev) and I must say it’s the best company I’ve been part of. Great culture, great talent and lots of benefits. You can see more at the company’s website, and I will try to answer as many questions as I can, either here or by e-mail (cristian.berrios@headspring.com).

Don’t miss this opportunity!


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Amazon Web Services is hiring!

Here is a full list of positions we are hiring for:


We are hiring for Seattle, Dallas, and Virginia in the USA. But there are plenty of remote locations that are hiring. We can relocate employees from pretty much anywhere.

We are ALWAYS hiring, but especially for these positions:

Cloud support engineer


Cloud support associate:


Sounds interesting? Then please PM me! I can send it directly to a hiring manager.


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Kalkomey | Dallas, TX | On Site | Full Time


Kalkomey is the leader in online recreational safety education with our sites http://boat-ed.com, http://hunter-ed.com, and others.

We're looking for a Senior Rails Developer to join our team. Here's the details on our position:


Interested? Apply there, or email me: jalexander@kalkomey.com


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Dallas, TX - Mobile Developer/Manager - Onsite Only We are looking for high potential candidates who have 5+ years of experience in software development along with some team lead experience (at least two years) or at least one year of Project Management experience. We are a technology consulting firm so there is potential to travel outside of Dallas up to 40%. If you are interested in learning more, please send your resume and contact information to shanna.wright@parivedasolutions.com.