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Detroit - 3 jobs in August 2015

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Are You a Human | http://areyouahuman.com | REMOTE maybe | Detroit, MI USA

Looking for Data Scientists, Front-End and Back-End Engineers

We’re dedicated to making the digital world better for real humans. Automated programs, called bots, account for 61% of overall internet traffic today — and as the world becomes more digital, this will only increase. Ultimately, bots make it more difficult for real humans to get what they need from the Internet, and more difficult for companies who serve humans to provide high quality content and services cost-effectively. We find and verify humans by analyzing natural user behavior across millions of websites.

All humans interested in joining the team, please visit http://areyouahuman.com/careers to apply.


I work here as a data scientist, and the central task of verifying humans opens up a fun bag of machine learning and engineering challenges. It's also an amicable, smart group of humans to work with.


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\\ Ambassador // VC Funded & Cash-flow positive (Metro Detroit, MI)

We help businesses turn their customers into brand ambassadors. We're changing word-of-mouth on the web. https://getambassador.com.

We focus on the rapid production, testing, and deployment of beautiful code and design. We make our product team's job as creative and simple as possible. No outdated management models, we get real work done and solve large problems. Success is measured through the enjoyment of our customers.

=========== The Perks ===========

* Food - Whether you're vegan or on a macrobiotic diet, we'll make sure you're covered. Wednesday catered lunches are a pastime.

* Benefits - Competitive salary, options, and healthcare. Happy faces every morning.

* Play - You'll want a paddle at your desk to fight off incoming table tennis balls. Ninja backhand required.

============ Join our ranks ========

Backend Web Engineer

Our REST API is our bread and butter and the heart and soul of Ambassador's products, meaning you'll always be on the forefront of product development. A passion for writing elegant and efficient code is a must as is experience in any # of modern scripting languages and frameworks. Experience with Python and Django is preferred. Knowledge of Django Rest Framework is a plus.

Frontend Web Engineer

You'll have a wide-ranging experience across various products, bridging the gap between design and reality. You should have an eye for good design and UX, experience in either is a huge plus. Your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills must be top-notch, and you should already have experience working in JavaScript frameworks such as Angular. Experience with UI toolkits such as Bootstrap and preprocessors such as LESS are a plus.

UX/Visual Designer

Your work must delight not only our customers but also our ambassadors, giving you the opportunity to design for two very different audiences. We also promote various one-off projects and marketing efforts for which you'd have the opportunity to collaborate. You should have a proven track record of working on software teams and designing beautiful interfaces that are also functional and serve both business and user needs.

For more information, check out https://getAmbassador.com/jobs


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Stealthy | Full Time | Detroit, Michigan. Remote OK

Startup in the Sneaker space looking for an iOS dev.

Lets chat: MathewPiccinato@rockventures.com