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Milwaukee - 1 jobs in August 2015

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HarQen, Full Stack Engineer, Milwaukee, WI ONSITE

HarQen is looking for a full stack engineer to join our software team.

We are a small team located in the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood near downtown Milwaukee, WI. Our tech stack is built on Java/Spring, Scala/Play, Python, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. We also maintain native iOS and Android apps for using our platform. Our product is a digital interviewing system that processes phone calls, mobile video and WebRTC. In addition to digital interviewing, we do data mining and predictive analytics to help put more people to work around the world.

You will be responsible for a system that has touched more than a million people and helps them make the greatest financial decisions of their lives. We want to make the world a better place for candidates. We make it possible for more people to say “I can do this job, and I’m the right guy to do it”, in their own voice and on their own time.

Our ideal candidate is a motivated engineer who is comfortable doing full-stack development.

Contact pehr@harqen.com for more information.