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Mumbai - 3 jobs in August 2015

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Mumbai, India - PSTakeCare - Onsite, Fulltime/Parttime/Interns

Android, Web frontend, Rails

We are a team of IITians trying to make healthcare easily discoverable and more accessible to the common public.

We're a small team of 3 in the tech department with experience across a wide range of tools - from Python, Node, Ruby to Erlang to Linux kernel internals. We are looking for skilled engineers to lead the Android side of things, to maintain and expand the backend (Rails, Postgres, Redis, with some microservices in Python), and create a beautifully smooth and quick web frontend.

Even if you have little to no experience with the specific tools/fields, but are reasonably good at programming and learning, we'd love to have you with us.

Hit me up at pritam@pstakecare.com


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rbus, Mumbai, India - http://www.rbus.in

We are trying to build a smart bus network to provide another interesting option in the mass transit space. Sort of like a uber but for buses. Efficient mass-transit is a huge engineering problem and one ripe for disruption. We believe the end game will certainly involve an api driven bus fleet. The challenge is absolutely massive and we're very excited to be working in it! Our current stack is Node.js / Rails / Angular.js / React.js / Postgres / AWS / Cordova. Furthermore, we're also looking for mobile developers with previous experience in shipping Android and iOS apps. We are keen to experiment with React native and rubymotion.

We offer a competitive salary, a good team to work with and a good office in Andheri West with lots of amenities. We just closed our first round of funding.

If any of this interests you, email me at anshul AT rbus.in


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CouponDunia Mumbai/Bengluru | Full Time ONSITE