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New Delhi - 1 jobs in August 2015

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Pitampura, Delhi, and elsewhere in India for the right person

I'm hiring data scientists (and learners) at Visual Website Optimizer. To give a flavor for the type of work you'd do, think monitoring realtime data streams, developing new statistical models and packaging it all into deployable code. Day to day work ranges from writing math papers, using category theory and functional programming to build fault tolerant and scalable systems, and making sure the UI people don't miscommunicate the stats.

This is the perfect role for a good engineer looking to level up their statistics/data science. My blog (see my profile) also gives a good flavor for the role.

A quote from someone getting involved in the project: ...regarding the mails you sent yesterday related to less memory usage and post segmentation, they were really interesting.. spent the night reading about Probabilistic Data Structures... for me it was new as we never thought of it this way...

If interested, send me a github, interesting blog post, or other cool project giving hints as to what you can do. chris@vwo.com

(VWO is also hiring engineers in general. Feel free to reach out.)