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Redmond - 1 jobs in August 2015

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Microsoft | Web Frontend, DevOp, IDE Dev | Onsite: Redmond | Full-time

We are a small team in Microsoft that produces various Python, R and Jupyter/IPython related IDE's. Example: http://aka.ms/ptvs, http://aka.ms/jupyter. Almost everything we do (if we can help it), is OSS and free.

We are hiring for 3 positions:

1) A senior web frontend / javascript dev to work on Jupyter/IPython. You'll be contributing to the Jupyter code base as well as customizing the UI, etc. for particular scenarios (eg Spark). Direct IPython experience a major plus. Devenv: primarily Man/Win/Linux.

2) A senior Linux live-site devops/sysadmin. The Jupyter service linked above runs on ubuntu/docker. You'll own managing the VMs, Security, Python, R, Jupyter, Anaconda, etc. bits, and multi-geo rollouts. Deven: primarily Linux.

3) A senior dev to work on Visual Studio. You'll be working on the PTVS and/or the RTVS (R Tools for Visual Studio) on a variety of features depending on your background & interests: Editor, Intellisense, Debugger, Profiler, ... ; Focus for upcoming release is Data Science. Devenv: Primarily Windows.

If interested please send your resume to: smortaz microsoft. insert at sign and .com