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Redwood - 10 jobs in August 2015

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Human API - Redwood City, CA & Vancouver, BC http://humanapi.co/ (onsite, visa)

== About us ===

We're a small, product-centric team focused on opening the world of health data. For us, life is all about moving fast, crushing hard problems, and enjoying the journey. Our investors include a16z, Eric Schmidt, Blue Run Ventures, Max Levchin, Scott Banister, and Alex Payne.

== What you will build ==

Human API is the easiest way to integrate health data from anywhere. Users can now securely share their health data with any application or system, regardless of how that data was recorded, processed or stored. As an engineer on our team, you’ll be involved in one or more of the following areas:

- Modeling clinical data - organizing and normalizing the world of health data

- Developing and scaling structured APIs

- Scaling our ingestion platform and optimizing a multivariate rate limited system

- Data engineering and building tools for data science - NLP and Classification

- Powering platforms and tools for customers to build health apps

== Open roles ==

Most of our engineers have diverse programming background (Javascript (Nodejs) / Scala / Python / Java / C), and most roles require willingness to work on Nodejs, however we gravitate towards using the right tool for the job. Experience with some of the following required:

- Stream processing and unified log systems with Kafka, RabbitMQ, and zeromq

- Mongodb, Redis and Cassandra for data storage

- Data analysis with Spark or Python tools

- Building and scaling a modern infrastructure stack with Docker and Mesos

- Building consumer focused apps and/or developer focused tools

- Powering search with Elastic Search and related tools

You can read more about some of the open roles here: http://humanapi.co/company/join We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people not roles. andrei@humanapi.co


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AltspaceVR | Software Engineers | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Full-time | Permanent eligibility to work in US required | Virtual reality, Unity, Rails, HTML5, React, ES6, WebGL, three.js

About us: http://altvr.com

Open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

Our team: http://altvr.com/team

WHO WE ARE: - AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a platform for communication in VR.

- Backed by some of the best investors on the planet (http://bit.ly/1EEqFsw)

- With a team that is passionate about the future of VR.


- VR will be for everyone.

- The social connection enabled by VR will change your life (and we can show it to you.)

- We should embrace everything that is great about the 2D web.

- That we can and will invent the 3D web. For more info: http://altvr.com For open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com


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Naya Health | iOS | Full-time preferred/Part-time OK | Remote OK| Redwood Shores, CA (Bay Area)

Naya Health makes wellness tools for maternal health. Our first products, currently being tested in the wild, our an innovative breast pump and additional accessories. Moms love our pump!

www.nayahealth.co angel.co/nayahealth

iOS lead: Our app doesn't just control our pump, but aggregates lifestyle information and informs our users about pumping best practices and gives support where needed. This role needs to take lead on app, and be able to think with our end users in mind. Needs to have a good design sense and familiar with data visualizations. Preferred to have experience with bluetooth (BLE/SMART). Email me if you'd like to know more, or to try out the pump and app!

We are also looking for firmware engineers!



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Synthego | BioTech | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE

At Synthego, we are looking for people who want to help build a fully-automated, research facility that moves, mixes, manipulates, and analyzes molecules and cells. We're looking for badassery in the following areas:

1) software engineers - mostly Python

2) mechanical engineers (SolidWorks)

3) roboticists

4) wet lab technicians with experience in chemistry or biochemistry labs

5) Operations folks to help setup our our automated lab

6) Anyone else who kicks ass in significant technically deep ways in an engineering or scientific discipline.

In general, we have—and are continuing to—build a team of extreme technical and scientific ass-kickers, in a joyful, you-own-it kind of environment. We are backed by Founders Fund, and located in Redwood City, CA email us at join@synthego.com for more information.


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YesGraph (YC W15) https://www.yesgraph.com Full Time, Redwood City, CA

YesGraph helps companies grow through our social graph analysis API. We’re hiring for our data team.

It turns out that most of the work in machine learning and data science is around managing and scaling data. So we’re going to focus on developing this talent in house: we’ll hire smart full stack engineers and train them to get better at building data systems at scale. This opportunity to learn and level up is unparalleled.

There are a few dimensions here:

  - scaling data infrastructure
  - managing distributed systems
  - manipulating and managing data
  - acquiring, cleaning, and modeling data from 3rd party APIs and crawling
  - applying machine learning algorithms, including some math to know why
  - software engineering and systems design
It’s good to have some familiarity with our environment to hit the ground running. We write code in Python, deploy on Heroku, and use Postgres, Redis, and AWS data stores. We use the python data and machine learning libraries like numpy, scipy, pandas, and scikit-learn.

Email me: ivan@yesgraph.com


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Twin Prime, Redwood City, CA (ONSITE, VISA). Platform for mobile data delivery optimization:

Android engineer: https://kinetics.io/job/j1jH1RfPmjgeKIpl

Javascript engineer: https://kinetics.io/job/RLkJdQUTlHjHDmVt

Networking/Platform Engineer: https://kinetics.io/job/KXvs7znKup2Ix6MN

Network performance engineer: https://kinetics.io/job/EaK0ZmcLKsvN85Ge

Demand generation manager: https://kinetics.io/job/4HRfztZzEthpyCbP

Customer success manager: https://kinetics.io/job/z5bRLQMZ94nYidBe


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Shazam | Data Engineer| ONSITE | Redwood City (Bay Area), CA www.shazam.com

Are you interested working for Shazam? Shazam is a mobile app with over 120 million monthly active users.

If you are a strong Java or Scala engineer, come join our Data Engineering team at Shazam. Our Redwood City engineering team focuses on research and development, specifically Data Engineering and machine learning.

Email: data-engineering-team@shazam.com


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Highfive | https://highfive.com/ | Redwood City, CA | Full-time, Flexible WFH

Highfive is video and web conferencing you can actually love. Beautifully simple video for every conference room and employee in your company. Video and screen sharing for every laptop, tablet, and phone. At a fraction of the cost of other providers, our hardware is affordable enough to make video available everywhere.

You can check out our blog to find out more about working at Highfive! http://reviews.greatplacetowork.com/highfive

Come help us solve exciting problems! We're hiring in all departments. Please apply through https://highfive.com/careers


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Phlint, Inc. Retail Analytics for In-Store Displays


- Mid-Senior level Sales - Senior Android Development - Junior-Mid level UX Designer - Front End Development

Located in Redwood City, San Francisco

Email Resumes to: careers@phlint.net


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Flint Mobile | iOS Contractors | Redwood City, CA, ONSITE