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Salt Lake City - 2 jobs in August 2015

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Instructure - Chicago, IL & Salt Lake City, UT - Software Developer

About Instructure: We make software that makes people smarter, including Canvas (http://github.com/instructure/canvas-lms), an open source learning management system used by universities and K-12 schools, and Bridge, a corporate learning platform (http://www.getbridge.com/).

What we're looking for:

- Front-end developers with experience developing single-page web apps, iOS and Android apps, and/or beautiful administration apps with modern web technology.

- Back-end developers with experience building web scale services in a loosely coupled but highly integrated system.

- We are a mixed stack and polyglot team with a deep commitment to quality and to using the right tech for each problem we solve. Tech includes Ruby (Rails), React, Node, and Postgres running on AWS.

More info at http://bit.ly/1MImhw5


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Recursion Pharmaceuticals | Salt Lake City, Utah -- Onsite

Looking for a Senior Data Scientist / Computational Scientist.

Help us bring computational sophistication to curing diseases in a way that's only recently become possible. We’re a small (currently 8 full-timers) and fast-growing biotech startup with an amazing set of advisors including the Broad’s Anne Carpenter, and we're using high throughput biological experiments in human cells, automated image segmentation and feature extraction, and machine learning and statistics to find new treatments for rare genetic diseases faster than anyone has previously thought possible. We’re looking for a computational scientist with an outstanding track record to join our computational team and help lead our analysis efforts.

You'll need a deep foundation of statistics and probabilities, strong coding skills, and real-world machine learning experience. You should be adept at data exploration and visualization, developing and testing models and hypotheses, and rapidly solving lots of big and small problems using lots of numerical data, preferably with python’s scientific stack including pandas, scikit-learn et al.

We'll sponsor current visas, but you must already be able to work onsite--we can't wait for next year's visa cycle.

More details and how to reach us: http://www.recursionpharma.com/senior-python-data-scientist....