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Stockholm - 4 jobs in August 2015

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Zerebra | Web Development & On-site Support Consultants | Stockholm, Sweden

Zerebra is a consultant company, working with web development with widely different tech stacks (from Python, Flask/Django, Postgres, to C# with MSSQL) and on-site tech support, to fully cover small to medium companies tech-needs.

We have the competence to fill all our clients needs in digital marketing, application development, tech-stack migrations and much more.

You can read more abut the position here: https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/1205-zerebra-ab-webbutvecklare/


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yepstr.com (startup in stealth mode) | Stockholm | Full-Time

We are a well funded, brand new start-up looking for experienced developers to join our team in Stockholm. If you are interested in being a part of something from the start this could be a great gig!

Send an email to filip@yepstr.com


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Senior Platform Engineer + VP Engineering/CTO, to Lifesum - Stockholm, Sweden, Europe - Full-time / ONSITE

This text is for Senior Platform Engineer role. For VP Engineering/CTO check out link below.

We’re looking for an experienced platform engineer to help us scale the platform as we grow. You will be part of the platform team and you will be taking features from the idea stage to scalable production deployments. You will work on making highly scalable solutions, get feedback from analytics and monitoring tools and be able to refine and perfect your solution at each iteration.

Tech-wise, our server code is written in Python and running on AWS (RDS, EC2, ElastiCache, etc). You will soon get familiar with distributed computing, cloud hosting, database optimizations and search solutions.

This role is a good fit for analytical and creative software engineers loving team work. We work closely in a scrum team and follow the motto “team work is better work”. You want to grow and learn from others, and you also want to teach and help others grow.

[job text cut for brevity]

To read more and apply go to:



We're also looking for people for some other roles.

Senior Data Engineer - http://jobs.lifesum.com/jobs/3947-senior-data-analyst

iOS Mobile Engineer - http://jobs.lifesum.com/jobs/3714-ios-mobile-engineer

Senior Test Automation Engineer - http://jobs.lifesum.com/jobs/1711-test-automation-engineer

​Android developer - http://jobs.lifesum.com/jobs/343-android-developer


I posted a couple of months ago and we got a really really good response from a lot of great people so I'm really excited to post again! My name is Martin and I work as a Platform Engineer at Lifesum myself. If you want to formally apply, please do so via the jobs page: http://jobs.lifesum.com/ I'm not the person hiring, but you will join my platform team. For questions related to the jobs / hiring process etc. please contact sofia@lifesum.com. If for some reason you want to ask me something you can find my contact details in my profile.


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tCell | Front-end/Back-end/Analytics/Instrumentation | Full-time | San Francisco or Stockholm | ONSITE, INTERNS, VISA, REMOTE

tCell is developing the next generation solution in Application Security for the world of continuous deployment, and cloud infrastructures. Applications today are highly dynamic, change is a constant, and threats are ever-increasing. This requires a new approach to adaptively detect threats, and defend sites against those threats. We've assembled a team hailing from companies such as Google, Salesforace, Splunk, and Okta, and are looking to add to our core team people passionate about security, data, scalability, and in general looking to do something mind-blowingly cool.

Positions Open

Front-end Engineer - We're looking for a solid well-rounded coder who can make front-ends that are elegant both inside and out. If you're the right one for us, you'll work with designers, other engineers, and customers to create crisp interactions that enable our customers to rapidly detect and respond to attacks. In your toolkit of skills should be HTML/CSS/Angular.js/jQuery/D3.js, but more importantly, the ability to innovatively leverage new technologies that result in a front-end that delights our users. Your motto: the right UI makes it easy to think and do the right thing.

Back-end Engineer - We're looking for someone who can write rock-solid, well-tested, back-end code that serves as foundation to our security solution. Our stack includes, Scala, Play, Java, Spark, and Cassandra. If you are right for us, you'll have good intuition for API design, separation of concerns, modularity, scalability, and extensibility. Your motto: what makes a solid house, is a solid foundation.

Analytics Engineer - Can you build systems that ingest terabytes of data daily, and provide real-time analytics for a variety of security use cases? These include recognizing attack patterns, detecting anomalies, generating enforceable models, enabling rapid data exploration, real-time alerting, and more. The ideal candidate would be familiar with recent developments in ML libraries, and able to design analytic pipelines that make the right trade-offs to make our customers successful. Your motto: actionable information has an expiration date.

Instrumentation Engineer - Are you a polyglot? Are you fascinated with internals of app servers? Do you like the fact that the great thing about standard frameworks is that there's so many of them? Then, we want you. You'll be key in evolving our extensible instrumentation libraries to extract run-time data from various applications with very low-impact. Your motto: analytics is only as good as the data.

If you have expertise in security, deployment infrastructures, design, performance, etc. and have a passion for new solutions, and desire to solve hard problems, contact us at jobs@tcell.io