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Trondheim - 2 jobs in August 2015

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Software Engineer (Web/Frontend)at Telenor Digital -Trondheim, Norway

Permanent position, Full-time You can apply at - http://tinyurl.com/nc9okjm

Telenor Digital is aiming to create a world-class login solution with the goal of connecting tens of millions of users (we just reached our first million!) to different services within the next two years. When developing we focus on mobile-first and progressive enhancement, and we strive to offer an enjoyable experience to all our users, regardless of what device and platform they are using. We operate mainly in the European and the Asian markets, with all the challenges that include, for example: different alphabets, different levels of literacy among our users, and different experience levels with internet usage and technology.

Our implementation We use Java a lot. As we are creating login, user-management, and payment applications, we use HTML forms a lot too. Our older applications are built with Jersey/JAX-RS (https://jersey.java.net/), while our new ones are built with Spark (http://sparkjava.com/). We try to keep the code-base to a minimum. On the frontend we use plain JavaScript (inline) for code that has to be executed right away, and jQuery for “nice to have” functionality. We use Apache Velocity for templating. We build using Maven and Grunt, and we track our code using Git. Performance is key, and our aim is that our applications should be ready to use (or at least be perceived as being ready to use) within a second, even on slow connections. We have (big) databases too, but you won’t have to interact with them directly. Persistence is handled by an API created by another team.

Who we are looking for We need more hands on Java/Web. This means we need someone who would be comfortable with working with Java, Jersey, Spark, Apache Velocity and JavaScript/jQuery. And Maven/Grunt for building. We are not looking for someone who is already an expert on all of these things (It would be nice, though), but someone who knows a few and is willing and able to learn the rest.

Deadline for application:30/08/2015

Contact info: Tina Tan (+47) 90894741


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Software Engineer at Telenor Digital AS - Trondheim, Norway

Permanent position, Full-time You can apply at - http://tinyurl.com/nc9okjm

We offer a position that will make you part of a hard core software development house. You will join a team of world class developers that feel strongly about what they are making.

About the job We are a growing bunch of software engineers, working on an ever-changing list of exciting projects. Working in Telenor Digital gives us the tremendous opportunity to reach millions of users, across borders, cultures and languages, with our code, with the flexibility to choose the technology that does the job best. Exciting challenges at huge scale and high speed!

If this is you or who you want to be, we want to hear from you:

We want coders that are challenged by complex problems in distributed environments, but value simplicity in their solutions. We want software designers that look at the entire system and think like engineers - you look for data to validate your assumptions, you create tests to verify your implementations, you know your tools, and you look for opportunities to automate everything. You want to learn how all the parts work together - you want to know what it takes to run your code in a global production environment as much as you care about writing and debugging it.

You have a M.Sc in Computer Science or equivalent experience, and have worked with various programming languages, like Java, Go, Scala, C++ or Python. You are excited by distributed systems, cloud computing, and service-oriented architectures. You keep your code in a version control system, possibly distributed like git or mercurial, and you use more than your brain to keep track of your ideas and bugs. We don’t care if you’ve used the technologies we’re currently working with before. We DO care that you think they’re cool and something you want to work with.

We want smart people who will fight for their point of view because we’re often wrong, we just don’t like admitting it. We want co-workers who want to constantly learn new things and are capable of fluidly moving between projects. We want teammates who can quickly become subject matter experts in new areas and share that knowledge with the team and with the company. We want colleagues who take pride in what they do and want to share it with the world. We want engineers who are excited by contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts and speaking at conferences. We want people who want to dive into projects supporting Telenor’s business units all over the world.

The position is located in Trondheim. We conduct background checks on relevant candidates.