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Amsterdam - 6 jobs in September 2015

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Stream | Amsterdam ONSITE | https://getstream.io/careers | DevOps Engineer

Stream (getstream.io, Techstars NYC'15) is building a new kind of data store. A data store for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. Our users access Stream via a blazing fast, highly available and simple to use API service.

We run on a very complex tech stack, highly optimized for performance and availability. Stream uses machine learning and big data to help our customers improve how information is discovered online.

Stream is a well funded startup with offices in Amsterdam and Boulder. We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to join our team.


  * AWS experience, including but not limited to EC2, Cloudformation, S3, auto scale, ELB    
  * Experience with (modern Linux) Kernel and network based tuning for performance and stability    
  * Systems knowledge within the Linux ecosystem    
  * Experience with Nginx webserver    
  * Experience with Puppet or configuration management tools      
Bonus points:

  * Experience with Cassandra, Redis, ElasticSearch    
  * Apache Spark / Hadoop
  * Familiarity with Django    

  * Competitive salary package
  * Choose your own dev setup
  * We support and encourage open source
  * You will get to visit our office in Colorado
Reach out at tommaso@getstream.io if you're interested


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Stream | Amsterdam ONSITE | https://getstream.io/careers | Senior Python developer

Stream (https://getstream.io) is a data store for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. We’re a small team, so everyone has a huge impact. With just a handful of people, we’re already processing millions of API calls every month.

We are looking for a talented Python developer to join our development team in Amsterdam. You will be responsible of feature development for our API service, and you will work on our storage layer and our analytics platform. If building highly scalable performance software is your passion please drop a line!


  * 3+ years of experience with Python and Django    
  * Celery or other background task library    
  * Experience with database designing    
  * Experience with Redis/Memcached    
  * Dedication to test driven development      
  * Experience with AWS
Bonus points:

  * Cassandra    
  * RabbitMQ    
  * Elastic Search

  * Competitive salary package
  * Choose your own dev setup
  * We support and encourage open source
Reach out at tommaso@getstream.io if you're interested


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ZBase | Berlin/Amsterdam | full time, freelance, remote

About us: We develop a database/analytics product. Company founded in 2015 by german serial entrepeneurs and ex-Google engineers. We have launched our product in spring and it is already used by some of germany's largest ecommerce sites.

What we are looking for:

A freelancer or a small development firm that can help us with either of these two topics:

  - Ongoing Feature Development in the existing C++ codebase.
    This includes stuff like maintaining and improving our SQL
    engine and mapreduce framework, bringing ML models to 
    production/serving and general backend/API development.

  - Somebody with a ML/Stats background that can help us to
    tune some regression models.
Company is registered in Berlin but we are looking for somebody who wants to work remotely.

If you are interested / would like to learn more please give us a quick ping/one-liner: paul (at) zbase.io


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Booking.com is looking for Front End developers to join our international team in the beautiful head office in Amsterdam. Experience with JavaScript/jquery/HTML/CSS is a must, e-commerce expereince s a plus, passion for Travel is mandatory:) Apply via http://grnh.se/q1m0fv


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Booking.com - https://booking.com - Amsterdam, Netherlands Full-time, relocation to Amsterdam, (H1B or its dutch equivalent anyway) is taken care of by the company.

I work at Booking.com, which is a world leader in travel accommodations, as a backend developer. I have only positive things to say about working here. The people are intelligent and helpful, a lot of interesting problems to solve and the work hours are unbelievably sane. The company is strongly data driven and very dynamic, which was one of its biggest charms for me. Amsterdam is not a bad place to be either :) The work environment is very international and everybody speaks fluent English. The relocation process is also very finely tuned.They take care of you from the moment you get an offer to the point you have set up your house in Amsterdam.

If you have any other questions about the company or the hiring process or you would like me to refer you, please feel free to send me an email at siddharthsarda01 at gmail.com (Email also in my profile at Hacker news). A lot of people have reached out to me via these threads and are in the middle of the interview process. 6 have been invited to a face to face interview in Amsterdam.

To have an idea of the kind of problems being solved here, you can also look at our dev blog: http://blog.booking.com/ We are hiring for our headquarters office in Amsterdam:

- Frontend developers - http://grnh.se/cxmso8

- Backend developers - http://grnh.se/g5n6oe

- Data scientist - http://grnh.se/c3kern

- Senior Data scientists - http://grnh.se/n4o02e

- iOS Developers - http://grnh.se/w1mi0y

- Android Developers - http://grnh.se/1bnljt

- Product Owners in various departments. For all available positions take a look here: http://grnh.se/3ryvfg


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Springest - Amsterdam - 3 Backend Ruby Developers - ONSITE - https://www.springest.com | http://devblog.springest.com/jobs/

Springest is the largest source for learning in Europe. You can find everything you need to learn (or progress) in your professional life. We have a strong product focus in which everything revolves around the users of our Dutch, German, UK, and US sites. Next to that, more and more organisations are using our SaaS tools to stimulate and manage learning for their employees.

Working at Springest

To strengthen our development team more, we are looking for a senior Ruby developer who can work independently. We don’t have managers at Springest, but processes, and we feel that individuals taking responsibility is very important. At Springest, you will work in a product team and in close collaboration with product owners, marketing, and sales colleagues. You are also a member of our development team where we discuss architecture, infrastructure, and keep a close watch on security and performance.

Your New Colleagues

At Springest you will work with around twenty colleagues who all are very skilled at what they do and almost all of them have a healthy dose of nerd skills that we really value. As a developer you fulfil an important role here that all your colleagues value and appreciate. Springeteers are a happy bunch and we often get together outside work to enjoy free time as well. Our office is a cosy place where anything goes and that we all take good care of together.

We are all active organisers and members of a lot of Meetups and other forms of knowledge exchange (learning is our hobby!) and we participate quite actively in the Amsterdam startup ecosystem. In addition to that we get a lot of attention for Springest being the poster boy of how HOLACRACY and GTD can work for an organisation, which in turn is due to our organisational structure without managers and other unnecessary overhead.

Our Data and Stack

At Springest you will work on our Ruby on Rails application on a daily basis. The app runs on AWS in Docker containers. You can read more about that on our blog.

We serve over 100 different SSL endpoints, among which are our APIs, Admin backend for learning providers, and of course our public websites. How we do that will soon be published on our blog.

At this time, we have over 150,000 courses by 5,000 providers in our Postgres database. Our users trust us with over 50,000 reviews already. Our exciting job is to maintain this ever scaling dataset.

It should not surprise you that our search engine is a core feature, for which we use Elasticsearch. We provide over 6,000 subjects in more than 150 categories with courses through this engine. We do personal recommendations for our users with it, taking their location, start dates, and many other factors into account that are important when choosing the right form of education.