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Berlin - 12 jobs in September 2015

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Cringle - https://cringle.net - Berlin, Germany - ONSITE

Senior Full Stack Software Developer

It all started with winning a game of soccer, a couple of beers and the hassle of getting money back. We think that neither the pain of repaying friends in cash nor the complicated process of online banking are suitable for the 21st century. That’s why we built Cringle to enable people to send money to any mobile phone number, without the need for bank account details (IBAN?) or virtual wallets. The money goes straight between bank accounts.

Everything we achieved until today was only possible, because of the great team that works on our product. Now we are looking to expand our team!

We are looking for someone who will work with us on the Cringle backend, extending our APIs and general functionality; write tests for the things we do; help us build a robust and scalable infrastructure in the Cloud; help out in the frontend and Android or iOS client development.

You should have experience with Ruby on Rails or Go development, Test-driven development and Client-server communication.

For the full job description see: http://cringle.net/jobs/fullstack-developer

If you are interested please send your application via e-mail to info@cringle.net.


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ONSITE in NYC, SF and many other locations | Engineers, Designers, Product Manager | VISA and RELOCATION assistance

Pivotal Labs is a division of Pivotal Inc.

Labs helps clients to become better at development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile -- in practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels. We have a growing data science practice, and some engagements include all four roles. If you want to work in product instead of consulting, we also have dozens of teams working on Cloud Foundry, Big Data Suite, Spring and I probably forgot some cool stuff. Or you can rotate: I had a 7-month secondment to Cloud Foundry which was awesome.

Our NYC office is growing fast to meet exploding demand for Labs, Cloud Foundry and Big Data Suite.

We are also hiring in all our offices, including new offices: SF, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Dublin, Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney.

We provide visa and relocation assistance. In the NYC office we have about 15 people from overseas, including Australians like me.

At the office we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

Frankly this is the best job I've ever had -- I've learnt more here than anywhere else. Everyone is smart and fun to work with.

We look for aptitude over APIs. It doesn't matter wether your resumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, know some stuff and have empathy, I and my peers want to work with you.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers, but if you email me -- jchester@pivotal.io -- I can take advantage of our generous referral program and answer any private questions you might have.


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Yieldfiy | http://yieldify.com/ | Various onsite roles London & Porto

Hi guys, I'm Ashley - a Frontend enginner at Yieldify. We are a marketing tech company based in London. The last 9 months have been about scaling, including building a huge data-pipeline, data sciencing, making security innovations and building reporting tools. Now we are about to make the transition to build out sophisticated new features, including open sourcing much of our innovations.

Its cool stuff. But we need some help!

Tech roles:

    Test engineers

    Data engineer

    Devops engineer

    Test Analysts

    QA engineer

    Snr Frontend engineers

    Snr Fullstack (Javascript) engineers

    Web designers

    Web developers


Since launching 2013 and we have grown to ~120 people (~20 engineers), been funded to the tune of $US11.5 million from Google ventures & Softbank, and opened in New York, Sydney, Berlin and Porto. Working here involves Design sprints, collaborating, github, writing tests, and generally making the most of every week.

Questions? ashley at yieldify com




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https://relayr.io | Berlin, Germany | EU VISA - ONSITE

You will build Dashboards/Interfaces/Adapters that will connect to these devices to an end-user. You will build tools that will enable other developers to use our system. At relayr we love to push JavaScript to its limits. This means you will have the opportunity to create Single Page Applications, WebApps, Cordova Mobile Applications, Node-Webkit Desktop Applications, Ecma6 JavaScript code and more.

The Mission:

- Design and build Frontend Dashboards & Solutions for end users - Prototype and solve solutions fast - Work on server technologies such as NodeJS - Work closely with our UX and design team - Collaborate with server and hardware teams to give feedback on internal systems and define new features

Your Skills:

- Minimum 3-5 years experience in web engineering. - Strong proficiency in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript - Experience with AngularJS, Backbone, LESS, SASS, Grunt - Some experience in NodeJS, MongoDB and SQL - Experience in ECMA6 JavaScript and DevOps is a plus - Interested in prototyping hardware like the RaspberryPi and Arduino - Able to work in a structured, test oriented manner. Good level of English

If you're interested send us an email at jobs@relayr.io


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https://relayr.io | Berlin, Germany | EU VISA - ONSITE

Relayr is all about bringing devices together. You will be expanding our reach by connecting exciting new devices and protocols to the platform. We also have a growing number of internal and client projects and need an engineer to work as a full-time employee together with our Berlin team.

The Mission:

- Work with internal libraries and services to build both prototyped and ready-to-market solutions - Add value with every iteration to solve problems fast - Design and build independent micro services - Collaborate with server and hardware teams to give feedback on internal systems and define new features

Your Skills:

- Minimum 3-5 years experience in web engineering - Strong proficiency in JavaScript, ECMA6, NodeJS, persistance layers such as MongoDB and Postgres - Comfortable working with linux systems, DevOps and networking - Experience with HTML5/CSS is a plus - Able to work in a structured, agile, test oriented manner - Interest in hardware such as the RaspberryPi and Arduino - Good level of English

If you're interested send us an email at jobs@relayr.io


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1aim - Berlin, Germany | Onsite, Full Time, Visa

1aim started 3 years ago as a technology company. We develop (and manufacture) hardware, create software solutions and provide IT-Infrastructure. Our first products are access systems and we are now expanding our offering to new smart home/building automation products aswell. We enable engineers to focus on what they can to best, letting them work on new products in small, highly interdisciplinary teams, as well as getting rid of management overhead and daily standup meetings.

We have almost no rules, we provide you with opportunities for your personal growth and flexible working hours. You will work in a fast moving, young team. Right now, we are hiring new engineers for the following areas:

- (Frontend) Web Development

- Backend Development (with a focus on high security/cryptography)

- App Development (Android and/or iOS)

- Electrical Engineering & Embedded Software Development

- Mechanical Engineering

If you see yourself as genuinely creative, are fascinated by hardware and love great challenges we'd like to work with you on creating the "connected future".

We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities. If you are interested in working at 1aim, write us an email at work.hn<?>1aim.com and tell us about the projects you worked on that you are the most proud of and which technological feats of the past inspire you.

We provide visa assistance, limited relocation support and free housing until you find your own place to live.


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Contentful https://www.contentful.com (Berlin, Germany, VISA assistance offered) is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices.

It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via API.

We are hiring for the following full time positions:

1. Frontend JavaScript - Angular Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/2980

2. Backend JavaScript Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/14124

3. Android Evangelist (onsite or remote) - https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/93482

4. Ruby Evangelist (onsite or remote) - https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/93440

5. PHP Evangelist (onsite or remote) - https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/93471

6. Technical Support Engineer REMOTE PT timezone - https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/104097

7. Solution Consultant - https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/27153


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ZBase | Berlin/Amsterdam | full time, freelance, remote

About us: We develop a database/analytics product. Company founded in 2015 by german serial entrepeneurs and ex-Google engineers. We have launched our product in spring and it is already used by some of germany's largest ecommerce sites.

What we are looking for:

A freelancer or a small development firm that can help us with either of these two topics:

  - Ongoing Feature Development in the existing C++ codebase.
    This includes stuff like maintaining and improving our SQL
    engine and mapreduce framework, bringing ML models to 
    production/serving and general backend/API development.

  - Somebody with a ML/Stats background that can help us to
    tune some regression models.
Company is registered in Berlin but we are looking for somebody who wants to work remotely.

If you are interested / would like to learn more please give us a quick ping/one-liner: paul (at) zbase.io


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JustWatch (Berlin, Germany) is always out for smart, entrepreneurial thinking INTERNS / working students ONSITE, especially:

- Backend Development (Golang, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Aerospike)

- Web Development (Angular, Ionic, Cordova)

- DevOps / Infrastructure engineering

- Data science / business intelligence


- an intense learning culture with high degrees of autonomy and room for personal growth

- a sane development process with lots of code reviews and pairing

- great mentoring and regular feedback

- every two weeks is Dev Day, reserved for refactoring, automation, simplification and tech talks

About us:

- we're early stage, bootstrapped, frugal and rather share the company with our employees than with VCs

- 6 founders, each with a solid track record, equity possible even for entry levels

- B2C and B2B products with great traction already

Come see us at:



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Lendico | https://www.lendico.com/ | Berlin, Germany ONSITE, VISA

Senior/Mid-Level PHP Developers

Lendico is a transparent marketplace for loans. By connecting borrowers and investors we avoid the excessive costs of traditional banking.

We are moving to microservices. For both the technical and organizational aspects of microservices we are looking to hire experienced developers with strong opinions on how modern software development should work.

Job description and applications:


Or write me if you have any more questions: seong-min.kang@lendico.de


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Uberall - https://uberall.com - Berlin, Germany (Mitte)

WE ARE UBERALL – We are a tech-startup from Berlin that develops Europe's leading Geomarketing Platform.

It is our mission to contribute to this evolution by bringing online everything that's local, to provide complete and accurate information whenever and wherever needed - On our phones and on our tablets. On our PCs and in our in-car GPS systems. On websites and in apps. For known use-cases and upcoming opportunities.

We are looking for Frontend Engineers (m/f) to support our tech team. You will be working closely with product development and be responsible for turning their wildest dreams into reality.

About you:

- You take ownership of your work, & for you a feature is done when it makes using the product a better experience for all users

- Passion for all things in the browser, experience with modern frontend web technologies (We use Bootstrap, Backbone, React, LESS, Babel)

- Creativity! We're open here, and if you've got a great idea, we want to know about it

- You understand the importance of quality and testing, you value automated testing as much as we do and see it as an integral part of the process

- You value maintainability, so clean & organized code goes without saying

- We want to see something you’ve done: on Github, Stack Overflow, at your previous company, etc

What you will do at uberall:

- Maintain our website, our number one promotional tool. We need it to be clear, look great, load fast, and most importantly, effectively explain what we do

- Develop our web-apps that our customers use every day to manage anywhere from 50 to 10s of thousands of business listings

- Build a reference connection to our extensive Rest API that both our partners and our own client apps use

Just send your application containing all relevant documentation (including past projects, GitHub & stackoverflow links, etc) and we will get in touch soon.

To apply: https://uberall.com/en/careers#dev?postingId=mp0h4nd or send an email to hello@uberall.com.


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Wiredcraft - Build sh*t that matters

Wanna get a job your mom would be proud of? Send us your resume at job@wiredcraft.com.

We're engineers, designers & strategists creating software that solves real-world problems. Think data visualization for the World Bank, software to run the Myanmar elections or DevOps for the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world.

We're growing quickly and expanding to Berlin & DC. We need smart people who love what they do and want to be challenged:

- Front-end Developer | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/front-end-developer/

- Backend Developer | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/backend-developer/

- Mobile developer | Berlin & Shanghai | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/mobile-developer/

- Design Director | Berlin & Shanghai | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/design-director/

- Web & Mobile Designer | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/web-mobile-designer/

- DevOps Engineer | Berlin & Shanghai | Full-time, onsite | https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/devops-engineer/

- Online Marketing Intern | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/online-marketing-intern/

- Project manager | Berlin & Shanghai| Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/project-manager/

- Sales & Business development | Berlin, Shanghai & Washington, DC | Full-time, onsite | http://wiredcraft.com/jobs/sales-business-development/

More details on our site: http://wiredcraft.com/about/#jobs.

Don't see a position that fits your skills? If you're smart and eager to learn, it'd be worth a shot to send us an email anyway: job@wiredcraft.com.

We sponsor visas.