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Bogotá - 1 jobs in September 2015

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Polymath Ventures | Bogotá, Colombia | Software Engineers, Data Scientists | Email greg (at) polymathv (dot com)

That's right, Bogotá! Come join some amazing people building real businesses in the developing world. We are seeking one or two strong engineers to lead development at our ventures, and we are also looking for a data scientist. If you want to try something off the beaten path, this is for you. Knowing Spanish is not required (I'm very much at the pointing and smiling stupidly stage).

Polymath Ventures is a company builder that has been operating in Colombia for three years now. We have chosen Colombia as a launching point into Latin America for a number of reasons, including market size and growth trends, access to talent, regional scalability, and an increasingly supportive business culture. Over those years, we have built five companies and are set to launch two more next year.

We are looking to grow the nascent Polymath tech team, which I recently joined. The technological needs of the existing businesses are sophisticated, stemming from several years of operational experience. There is a LOT of from-scratch development that needs to be done! We've settled on Python and Ember as a tech stack, but this is not fixed. Come build with us!

For more info please contact me directly at the address above or email jobs@polymathv.com.