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Chicago - 26 jobs in September 2015

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18F (aka The Federal Government) (18f.gsa.gov)

[DC, SF, NYC, Chicago, or REMOTE]


* Developers

* Engagement Managers

Mission 18F is a civic consultancy for the government, inside the government, working with agencies to rapidly deploy tools and services that are easy to use, cost efficient, and reusable. Our goal is to change how the government buys and develops digital services by helping agencies adopt modern techniques that deliver superior products.

We are transforming government from the inside out, creating cultural change by working with teams inside agencies who want to create great services for the public.

We are a trusted partner for agencies working to transform how they build and buy tools and services in a user-centered way.

We will accomplish our mission by: putting the needs of the public first, being design-centric, agile, open, and data-driven, deploying tools and services early and often.


We're about to come out of a self imposed hiring slowdown, which gave us the time to improve our internal hiring processes to speed up the system. We're going to be posting more specific job positions soon, but until then...

If you have any questions, let me know. Would love to help answer them!


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Various Engineer positions | www.rallyhealth.com | on-site only in SF, DC, Chicago

  -Full stack (scala/play + angular)		-Full stack (C#/.NET MVC + angular)
  -Front end engineer (angular + SASS)		-DevOps engineer (AWS, Chef, MongoDB)
  -.NET release engineer (Jenkins, Nuget)	-QA Engineer (python/robot)
  -Mobile architect				-Mobile engineer
  -Site reliability engineer			-Director, IT Security
  -InfoSec engineer				-Data analyst
We're looking for lots of great people to join our team that's aiming to make all aspects of healthcare better for consumers. Our Wellness product (https://www.rallyhealth.com/our-product/) is the best wellness program on the market, Marketplace makes enrolling in insurance as easy (or easier) than TurboTax, and Connect helps find the doctor you need in your area (and in your plan).

We'll be growing a lot more visible in 2015 and into 2016, starting with a partnership with comedian Kevin Hart[1] which we're all pretty excited about.

Our Chicago office is on a .NET MVC stack and SF and DC are on Scala/Play with mobile teams as well. I can answer more detailed stack/tech questions if anyone is curious.

The benefits are great, including $0 deductible for employee health insurance (and dependent coverage isn't much more), catered lunch every day w/ snacks and drinks everywhere, and unlimited vacation (that we're heavily enouraged to use).

If you have any questions, you can email me (ryan.stelly@rallyhealth.com) but otherwise, all postings are available at https://www.rallyhealth.com/about-us/ Cheers!

[1] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rally-health-and-kev...


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ArchiveSocial - Durham, NC - On-site only

We automate record keeping, monitoring, & analytics of social media to help organizations fulfill legal requirements and avoid lawsuits. We build technology that adapts to evolving social networking APIs, manages tens of millions of records, processes content in realtime, and instantly retrieves & replays social media content.

Our customers include San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, and Attorney General of the United States, and we recently received an investment from Steve Case (founder of AOL). We're a team of top ranked ex-IBMers, and we're looking for brilliant engineers of all experience levels who:

* Have a strong CS background

* Like Java, aren't afraid to admit it, and are darn good at it

* Are energized by working across the stack (front end, back end, ...)

* Have experience with technologies including AWS, Apache Storm, Hadoop, Dojo, Play Framework, Ansible, Eclipse

Full posting here: http://archivesocial.com/careers-software-engineer

Our team is growing at a rapid pace primarily based on customer revenue. We are located in the American Underground, which is a Google-sponsored startup hub. Benefits including fully paid medical, open vacation policy, free downtown parking, weekly team lunches, happy hours, lots of opportunities to tell cheesy jokes.


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Knowledgehound - Chicago - Onsite Part time - Client Manager Internship

KnowledgeHound is a software that helps market researchers, marketers and sales teams find, visualize, and analyze quantitative and qualitative consumer research studies. The client manager intern will collaborate with the client manager to develop processes and drive client adoption and successful client launches. KnowledgeHound is in hyper growth mode with an anticipated new client every month. The CM intern will aid in guiding the client from initial purchase order creation to full implementation and adoption. The Client Management intern will report directly to the lead client manager. Key activities will include: •Assist the Client Manager in the coordination and gathering of all documents for upload •Identify meta-data for each study based on research summary and information from client •Loading meta data and documents using the KnowledgeHound technologies. Through this process, identify and recommend improvements needed to be more efficient in the process •Work directly with the Head Manager of Quality Assurance and Data Analysis in cleaning of data files and identify ways to increase efficiencies Required Skills/Attributes: •Desire to join the market research and/or consumer insights industry •Strong leadership skills •Self-starter & extremely proactive •Technical curiosity •Detail oriented •Embraces ambiguity as an opportunity •Team player Culture: Must embrace the entrepreneurial culture. We are a small team that will see rapid growth. We are team of co-workers but also friends who come together for the greater good of the company and the people who are in it. More information at http://www.knowledgehound.com/ Contact: Nick(at)Knowledgehound(dot)com


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Civis Analytics | Chicago, IL | https://civisanalytics.com

Civis Analytics is building cloud-based products to help organizations do data science better. We create technologies that empower organizations to unlock the truth hiding in their own data, transforming them into smart organizations that are ready to thrive. We help organizations solve their biggest problems with Big Data.

We are currently hiring for multiple key infrastructure positions, including:

DevOps Engineer - Help us design, build, and automate our extensive AWS infrastructure using tools like Python and Ansible. We use significant portions of the AWS stack, including EC2, RDS, Redshift, and S3, and are looking for experienced candidates who can hit the ground running and help us scale as we take our platform from private beta to public product - http://bit.ly/1P30uit

IT Specialist - Help us in-source our IT support. We're looking for experienced candidates who can support internal users and infrastructure, from Apple laptop configuration, to wireless networking, to VoIP and video conferencing solutions - http://bit.ly/1VZpwlW

Along with key infrastructure positions, Civis Analytics is hiring Applied Data Science Managers and other roles. View all of our open positions at https://civisanalytics.com/careers. All positions are onsite in either our Chicago or Washington, DC offices.

We are a team of engineers, data scientists, and statisticians building a cloud-based data science platform to change the way organizations use data. We're smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?


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AddStructure - Chicago, NYC - REMOTE - Full Stack Developer

Founded in 2014, AddStructure is an angel-backed startup focused on providing state of the art natural language processing applications to large enterprises. Have you ever visited a product on Amazon or a restaurant on Yelp and wondered how they've automatically summarized those reams of reviews? We provide that same capability and many others to our Fortune 100 and Global 1000 customers. We tackle some of the hardest problems in text analytics and produce results that border on magic.

We're currently hiring multiple developers with various levels of experience. As you'll be among our earliest employees, there's a great opportunity to play a fundamental role in building a strong foundation to support future growth. Above all else, we're looking for smart, capable people with a "can do" attitude.

Our ideal candidate will possess all or most of the following attributes:

* Flexibility to work in a fast-paced startup environment * Strong understanding of modern frontend development practices * Fluency in Javascript/Node.js, HTML, and CSS/Less * Familiarity with frameworks like Backbone and Bootstrap * Experience with source control, testing, and deployment tooling - git, grunt, etc. * Competency with both relational databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (MongoDB) * Interest in learning new technologies and helping with a wide array of technical tasks

Required: * At least 2 years of development experience * Located in the domestic United States * English fluency

Preferred: * Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or similar field * Experience with server-side programming in Java, C#, and/or Scala * Experience with Apache Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and related distributed computing systems * Experience with administering Amazon Web Services (EC2, EB, EMR, etc.)

Email us: jobs@addstructure.com


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ONSITE in NYC, SF and many other locations | Engineers, Designers, Product Manager | VISA and RELOCATION assistance

Pivotal Labs is a division of Pivotal Inc.

Labs helps clients to become better at development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile -- in practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels. We have a growing data science practice, and some engagements include all four roles. If you want to work in product instead of consulting, we also have dozens of teams working on Cloud Foundry, Big Data Suite, Spring and I probably forgot some cool stuff. Or you can rotate: I had a 7-month secondment to Cloud Foundry which was awesome.

Our NYC office is growing fast to meet exploding demand for Labs, Cloud Foundry and Big Data Suite.

We are also hiring in all our offices, including new offices: SF, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Dublin, Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney.

We provide visa and relocation assistance. In the NYC office we have about 15 people from overseas, including Australians like me.

At the office we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

Frankly this is the best job I've ever had -- I've learnt more here than anywhere else. Everyone is smart and fun to work with.

We look for aptitude over APIs. It doesn't matter wether your resumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, know some stuff and have empathy, I and my peers want to work with you.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers, but if you email me -- jchester@pivotal.io -- I can take advantage of our generous referral program and answer any private questions you might have.


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NCC Group (formerly Matasano Security, iSEC Partners, and Intrepidus Group) - Austin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sunnyvale, CA

Ah, Autumn is just around the corner. Soon the leaves will start to fall and we’ll forget all about the summer months we longed for all Winter, yet complained about the whole time we were sweating in them. Kids will be headed back to school with cartoons on their lunchboxes you no longer recognize, which is slightly disconcerting. It’s a time for change. Why not consider a career change?

NCC Group is constantly hiring security consultants from ALL backgrounds to join our team. If you’re a tinkerer, a breaker rather than a builder, or someone who wonders “why” and ends up down the rabbit hole 36 hours later with a disassembled air conditioning unit surrounding them... we’d love to hear from you! Our process welcomes those with years of experience, as well as those with little to no direct experience in what we do.

The bottom line: if you love security and research, NCC Group just may be a perfect fit for you.

What do we do exactly? Penetration testing, security analysis, and cutting-edge research into current technologies and attacks (breaking things). You spend most of your day thinking about security systems and how they can break. You get to be creative and have a lot of freedom to be clever while learning new technologies at a very fast pace. Engagements are usually 2-4 weeks long and in a year you will be exposed to 15-20 products and technology stacks. Your work will typically initiate person-months of security improvements in products millions of people use. You will have access to senior engineers/architects and your findings/ideas will be heard by senior decision makers. You will have enormous impact in making the software people use safer. All of our consultants are also security researchers, with dedicated research time. Not too shabby!

If you want to learn more about us check out our:

Blog - https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/blog/ Cryptopals - http://cryptopals.com/ Microcorruption - http://microcorruption.com/

If you're ready to apply, contact us at: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/careers/. We'd love to hear from you!


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CSG Chicago is hiring in Chicago (downtown)!

CSG International’s has a suite of solutions that empowers the top brands in media and entertainment to easily and effectively market, monetize and manage their premium digital content and customers. CSG International offers either a set of software services or as an integrated solution, and allows content companies of all sizes to increase the value and return of every content transaction. The solution supports virtually all content types and commerce models, marketing promotions, partner management, financial management, reporting, and analytics. To learn about the other product and services that are offered at CSG International (and in Chicago) please check us out at: www.csgi.com!

We are hiring globally for:

  - iOS Developers
  - Android Developers
  - JavaScript Web Developers
  - Project Managers
  - Technical Analysts
  - Software Architects
  - Operations Engineer
  - C# Software Engineers
We offer competitive pay, casual dress, work from home opportunities, Happy Hours, Group Outings and much more. Find more about us at: www.csgi.com- to join our fantastic team please apply with resume at: work@csgi.com and Tara Taft will get back in touch with you.


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Instructure - Chicago, IL & Salt Lake City, UT - Software Developer

About Instructure: We make software that makes people smarter, including Canvas (http://github.com/instructure/canvas-lms), an open source learning management system used by universities and K-12 schools, and Bridge, a corporate learning platform (http://www.getbridge.com/).

What we're looking for:

- Front-end developers with experience developing single-page web apps, iOS and Android apps, and/or beautiful administration apps with modern web technology.

- Back-end developers with experience building web scale services in a loosely coupled but highly integrated system.

- We are a mixed stack and polyglot team with a deep commitment to quality and to using the right tech for each problem we solve. Tech includes Ruby (Rails), React, Node, and Postgres running on AWS.

My personal opinions on why I like working here:

- Rails at scale is a fun challenge (~1400 universities and/or school districts and often over 200k concurrent users)

- Strong engineering culture. We were founded and are still run by technologists which has a positive impact (open source commitment, addressing tech debt, quarterly hackathons, general openness)

More info at http://bit.ly/1MImhw5 or email me at mnomitch(at)instructure(dot)com if you have questions and want to chat.


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Tock | Chicago, IL | Engineering and Design

----- About Tock -----

Tock is a comprehensive toolbox built to fundamentally change the way restaurants think about and run their business. This includes a robust ticketing, reservation, guest, and table management system for restaurants of all sizes across the globe. We are hiring world-class engineers and designers to join an already stellar team. Questions? Email us at jobs@tockhq.com.

----- Job Openings -----

Front-End Software Engineer: https://www.tocktix.com/jobs/front-end-software-engineer.htm...

Software Engineer: https://www.tocktix.com/jobs/software-engineer.html

Senior UI Designer: https://www.tocktix.com/jobs/senior-ui-designer.html

----- Press -----

GQ: http://www.gq.com/story/dinner-reservations-high-end-dining

PBS: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/booking-table-may-soon-mean-b...

Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-15/nick-kokon...

Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-12-04/tock-s-pre...

Eater: http://www.eater.com/2014/11/30/7294795/introducing-nick-kok...


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KnowledgeHound (knowledgehound.com) - Chicago Boston or REMOTE - Contract, Part and Full Time - Software Engineer

WHY WORK WITH US? Because the team is incredible. A-players on the tech, design, and business side. Tons of talent without blustery egos or corporate politics. Every day is a joy. Because we build a great product. Our design and engineering is head and shoulders better than our competitors and we work with the latest technologies. Because it’s the perfect time. We’ve got Fortune 500 clients, serious revenue, and investment, but we’re still small enough that we want you to own substantial parts of the product, technical organization and the business as a whole.


Proficiency with:

   - PHP or JavaScript/AngularJS
   - Version control
   - Automated testing
Beyond the purely technical, any great candidate will have excellent communication skills and dedication to personal growth, learning and teaching others. Email me and tell me how you learn & get better at your craft.

Come work with me: john@knowledgehound.com - Placement firms will not be considered, no relocation/visas


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Digital H2O | Chicago, IL | http://www.digitalh2o.com/ | Full Time | Onsite

Digital H2O aims to build products that enable cost effective and sustainable use of water in industrial processes. We use a strong mix of data engineering and machine learning to forecast the oil and gas marketplace.

- Senior Front-End Engineer | Seeking an engineer with strong experience in building single page applications in a modern framework. We currently use Ember but strong experience with any of the popular frameworks would be great.

- Senior Data Engineer | Seeking an engineer with strong experience in Python and a love of gaining new insight from data using tools like Pandas, SciKit-Learn, and much more.

We offer market-to-above-market pay, your choice of laptop and multiple vertical or horizontal monitors, 401k matching, annual bonus + biannual review, and more. Contact wcleveland@digitalh2o.com or visit http://www.digitalh2o.com/careers for more info!


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Backstop Solutions | Chicago, IL | ONSITE

Backstop makes a CRM tool that Alternative Investment (e.g. hedge fund, pension fund, endowment) managers use. Sounds boring? Hell yeah it is! Backstop makes it interesting though, by relentlessly pursuing new and interesting technologies. I've been there for two years, and it's an absolute blast.

We have major projects in Java, Clojure, Scala, C#, and Ruby, and minor projects in just about every language that's gotten any traction in the last two decades.

All the standard benefits, plus unlimited PTO. Click the link to apply!

Java Developer: http://backstopsolutions.atsondemand.com/index.cfm?fuseactio...

Ruby Developer: http://backstopsolutions.atsondemand.com/index.cfm?fuseactio...


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kCura, South Loop Chicago, ONSITE

Do you get a kick out of watching network traffic as part of a team tracking intruders? Would you like to join a team to help monitor internal and external traffic

If you are

• ​Familiar with open source monitoring software

• Comfortable with extended monitoring duty

• Familiar with IDS rules

• Interested in learning to do a forensic examination of compromised workstations

• Good written and verbal communication skills

• Good knowledge of networking

• A good programmer

send an e-mail with a note describing your interest in the position to wlederer@kcura.com

Founded in 2001, kCura http://kcura.com are the developers of Relativity http://kcura.com/relativity, web-based software for managing and analyzing electronic data during litigation and investigations. Located in downtown Chicago, we focus on providing the best software we can, striving to always improve our products and the experience of our customer base, which includes the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the top 200 law firms in the United States. kCura has been ranked the 175th fastest-growing technology company in North America by Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 http://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/us/Documents/t..., as well as one of Chicago Tribune's Top Workplaces http://www.topworkplaces.com/frontend.php/regional-list/comp.... Our team of driven, passionate, and talented individuals works collaboratively to provide a positive client experience and build a reputable name in a booming industry. We commit to hiring people who value collaboration, communication, and accountability as much as we do. To learn more about kCura, check out our video http://kcura.com/corporate/careers/kcura-culture on kCura's unique culture.

Principals only. No recruiters, thanks.


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M1 / Chicago / FinTech-Automated Investing Platform / ONSITE / Contact: a.mccoy@m1finance.com

Hiring: Full Stack Web Developer / Full Stack Engineer / Mobile Developer / UX Architect

M1 is looking for pragmatic engineers and a UX Architect to help build a quality and robust automated investing platform that our customers love to use. It's a unique opportunity to be part of a founding team and work on a product before it is released to the public.

About M1's Tech Stack: On the front end, our platform offers an iOS app, an Android app, and a rich web application built with frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js and SASS. The RESTful service layer that drives our front end is a Spring based JVM application supported by other technologies like Gradle, Spock, PostgreSQL and Neo4j. Our technical infrastructure lives in the cloud within AWS and is automated and managed by tools like Terraform and Ansible.

Competitive salary + Equity

Interested? Send resume to Amy @ a.mccoy@m1finance.com


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[ original post ]

Senior Web Application Developer and Senior UI/UX Developer - Chicago StickOutSocial: (http://stickoutsocial.com/)

StickOutSocial is looking for a skilled Senior Level Web Application Developer and a UI/UX Developer to lead a new development team to maintain and implement high-volume consumer-facing websites and e-commerce applications. You will be working directly with a front-end web developer to collaborate on current and future web and iOS development projects.

As of skills, we are looking for: Application Developer: - Python, C# - Django, .Net MVC - PostgreSQL, LINQ - SQL - Good understanding of KISS, DRY, and SSOT UI/UX Developer: - JavaScript, CSS/SCSS, HTML5 - AngularJS, MeteorJS, Bootstrap - Good understanding of color theories, personas and user stories, and functional design

Please contact kelly@stickoutsocial.com and mention Hacker News as a reference!


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[ original post ]

Pangea - Chicago, IL - Full Time

Pangea started with the mission of making money transfer simple, fair and safe. Since then, we’ve been striving to enhance the security, and reduce the cost and pain points of money transfer. Our first solution allows users to complete a transfer in three easy steps and pay with any US debit card, with a nationwide cash solution coming soon. Receivers in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Dominican Republic can collect the transfers in cash or receive the money directly into a bank account. Through every product iteration, we’ll continue to offer more convenience and meaningfully improve the user experience. Pangea is currently accepting transfers from limited states (AL, ID, IL, GA, MS, MT, NM, OR and SC) in the US.

Positions available

- Backend Engineer (NET/C#)

- Android Engineer (Java)

- iOS Engineer (Objective-C/Swift)

- QA Analyst

Full jobs list located at https://gopangea.com/jobs.html


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Zebra Technologies | Chicago, IL | Data Scientist, Onsite, Full Time

What we do:

Zebra Technologies Corporation’s Enterprise Technology Office is an intrapreneurial team creating innovative solutions for the retail, transportation & logistics, warehouse, and healthcare markets.

What you will do:

* Analyzing and investigating large data sets to understand the customer’s needs, derive valuable operational insights, and solve problems;

* Collaborating in cross-functional teams to develop system prototypes,

Basic Qualifications: Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field, with a concentration in machine learning, statistics, operational research, computer vision, and/or image processing.

Specific Knowledge/Skills:

* Hands-on knowledge of at least one scripting language, preferably Python.

* Hands-on experience in predictive modeling and analysis.

* Proficiency with manipulating and analyzing high volume / high dimension data.

* Experience working with distributed computing tools (Map/Reduce, Hadoop, etc) is a plus.


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[ original post ]

Conversant Media | San Francisco, Chicago | ONSITE

The Contextual Classification Team is looking for:

1. Machine Learning, NLP, and Computer Vision engineers to build out our web-content classification system. Our custom-built platform categorizes millions of web pages and is directly tied to millions of dollars in revenue, as well as our transparent reporting features. This is real-world machine learning, at scale.

2. Application and UI Engineers to work with the contextual data we generate - exposing it to customers and building our reporting and internal management tools. Our systems handle billions of requests per day, with strong SLAs on reporting, uptime, and response time.

Both teams work primarily in Python. On the front-end we use D3 for charting, and the framework is Backbone, but anyone with experience in any JS framework should apply.

I'm an engineer, not a recruiter. Please email me directly if you're interested: cglennie@conversantmedia.com


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Chicago - Full Stack Architect - Uptake

Visa - Onsite

Uptake's business is global, disruptive, differentiated and approaches the market in a new way. We help customers identify hidden value and create growth through business and technology innovation, while also enabling cost efficiencies that generate industry-leading business performance. Our team drives this success by connecting customers and partners to the value of the Internet of Things, business-centric architectures, and key technology transitions.

Java - Spring - Elastic Search - Cassandra - Kafka - Akka


Email - clay.cook@uptake.com


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The Tie Bar: Chicago, IL - Full time

We're looking for a Front End/UI Engineer to help us rebuild the major components of our site. We've started working with React, and are looking for someone with some solid experience to help us continue. More info here - http://thetiebar.applytojob.com/apply/wiAlVH/UI-Engineer.htm.... Feel free to email me at donald@thetiebar.com for more info as well.


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Code Platoon - Chicago, IL - Ruby Instructor

Code Platoon is a nonprofit coding bootcamp serving veterans. Looking for a Ruby on Rails instructor to teach, in-person, part or all of our 16-week classroom session, starting in January of 2016.

Here's the description: http://codeplatoon.org/jobs


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Enova (Downtown Chicago) is hiring a LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1LO28Vf

PM Lauren Tafoya if you are interested: ltafoya@enova.com


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[ original post ]

Enova (Downtown Chicago) is hiring for the following positions:

If you have specific questions, please e-mail Lauren at ltafoya@enova.com


1. UI Architect 2. Lead Mobile Engineer 3. Product Manager 4. Sr. UX Designer


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[ original post ]

SpotHero | Chicago, IL | http://spothero.com SpotHero is changing parking, and our tools will redefine the transportation industry. With over a million cars parked, fast growth, and solid funding (https://angel.co/spothero), SpotHero offers countless ways to make an impact on the company and your career.

PRODUCT Senior Product Manager, Mobile Apps - http://spothero.com/careers#job-senior-product-manager-mobil... Have you brought multiple consumer mobile apps to market and rapidly scaled their adoption? Then SpotHero wants you to define and drive the future of our mobile apps, all the while partnering with an amazing team!

Lead UI Designer - http://spothero.com/careers/lead-ui-designer Ready to spearhead a product design and make it an industry leader? Then SpotHero is looking for you! We're adding a Lead UX designer to the team to take our product to the next level - someone with extensive experience in solving UX challenges in a goal-directed, data-informed design environment.

ENGINEERING Data Engineer - http://spothero.com/careers/data-engineer We have a ton of data sources, and a crap ton of data. Want to build our first real data warehouse? Love redshift, cassandra, luigi and airflow? We do too...

Senior Software Engineer in Test - http://spothero.com/careers#job-senior-qa-automation-enginee... QA is a part of every engineer's process here at SpotHero. However, we need someone dedicated to bringing automated test best practices to the team, and someone that can figure out how to test the really hard things. We have a love/hate relationship with Selenium. And if you don't know why, then you're probably not ready for this role. Come help us tame the beast...

Software Engineering Intern - http://spothero.com/careers/engineering-intern Interns are as important as Lead Engineers at SpotHero. They are the future of our team, and the future of our industry. You'll be paired with a Senior Engineer from day 1, and solving real problems that make it to production your first week. Buckle up and hold on tight, you're about to learn a crap ton here!!

Lead Software Engineer, iOS/Android No, we don't expect you to build both iOS and Android apps by yourself. BUT, you should know how to!! This role is half managing the iOS & Android apps, and half architecting & developing. You'll have both iOS and Android developers (1 for each platform) on your team, and you should be able to jump back and forth, as needed. If you're a first time manager, no worries; we'll coach you on those skills. Just be sure you're a master of both platforms.

Software Engineer, Android - http://spothero.com/careers/software-engineer-android SpotHero is a mobile product. If you love building Android apps, you'll love what we've got in store. We have an amazing Android app, that we're looking to do a full ground up redesign on. So there is a lot of bluesky work in the very near future.

To apply, please email your resume to jobs@spothero.com. Include any github account, linkedin profile, and any project that you’re particularly proud of. We love seeing work that others loved working on.