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Columbia - 1 jobs in September 2015

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Multapplied Networks | Chilliwack, BC (Greater Vancouver area) ONSITE | Web dev (Python/JavaScript) & Linux network dev

We're a small team working towards a big goal: make the best Internet bonding software in the world. Our code allows businesses around the world to combine Internet connections for extra speed and amazing reliability. It runs on everything from tiny 1 GHz systems to 32-core beasts. Multapplied Networks R&D team works out of a little office in the heart of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia- not typically known for high tech work, but a great place to live and work and close enough to Vancouver to attend your favourite meetups, conferences, and training events.

Our product has two parts:

* A Linux VPN client/server and router that bonds multiple Internet connections for speed and reliability. Our codebase is mostly Python with a few special tricks for performance-critical parts. We need a developer who can jump in and improve our VPN application, performance-enhancing proxy, QoS, firewall, and monitoring features.

* A web application used for configuring client premise equipment and VPN servers and reporting usage and status information. We need someone to tackle both the back-end Python (Django) and front-end JavaScript (AngularJS & Bootstrap).

Details and to apply: http://www.multapplied.net/about-us/careers/web-developer-py... and/or http://www.multapplied.net/about-us/careers/linux-network-de...