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Eindhoven - 2 jobs in September 2015

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Klets | Eindhoven, the Netherlands | https://klets.com - Marketer and customer cuddler (INTERN, REMOTE ok)

Klets is customer chat for normal companies. Super easy to set up, with Klets, any company makes it easy and fun for their customers to chat with them.

Unlike live chat popups, Klets focuses on companies that want to build real long-term relationships with their customers. This means great design, great UX, and all attention to the conversation. Companies don't need any IT skills to set up Klets, and customers can chat without downloading anything or signing up.

Klets is only 3 people right now, looking to hire our first intern. Launched just 3 months ago, we now have paying customers, very many happy users, and we're growing very fast.

We're looking for a student or recent graduate in marketing, communication, business administration or journalism with an interest in tech startups. Help us make existing customers even happier about Klets and make Klets known to potential new customers. Think customer support, content marketing, referral marketing, and so on. We strongly believe that happy customers are the best marketing you can do, so in reality these fields are very closely related. We're looking for someone who likes planning this out with us on a strategic level and also likes to execute.

If you're a student looking for a (graduation) project, we can be very forthcoming with the precise contents and goals of the internship. It can be just about as practical or as academic as you need it to be to make it a great project.

Remote is OK, though the closer, the better. We need you to be at most 2 hours away from our timezone (CET).

The fact that you're here reading this on HN means that you're already very high on our list! So get in touch right now on our Klets page: https://klets.com/klets


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ASML Netherlands/Brion Technologies | C++/Java/Python software engineer | Eindhoven, Netherlands | ONSITE | full time

ASML Netherlands is the leading provider of optical lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Brion technologies is a subsidiary of ASML Netherlands, and develops simulation and modeling software for lithography production and metrology applications.

We are looking for a software developer who loves designing and writing C++, Python and Java software modules using a Linux/Unix environment, solving challenging problems for lithographic simulation and application software in a small, collaborative and fast moving team.

Job Mission: Deliver high quality modular software components (in C++, Python and Java) to improve and integrate Brion products with ASML machine specific knowledge and systems.

Job Description: All-round software engineer, capable of designing and delivering high quality, well tested software working in a distributed (Eindhoven/US) based team-setting.

Education: BS or MS in Computer Science.

Experience: - Relevant C++ software development experience (3-5 years). - Experience using Unix as a development environment (3-5 years). - Experience with version control systems (Git) (3-5 years). - Multi-language experience (C++, Python, Java) is preferred (0-2 years). - Experience in designing and developing large, complex, multidisciplinary software systems is preferred. - Relevant software development experience in semi-conductor industry is a pre.

Since we operate as a small and dynamic team of people who all share a passion for our work, we are looking for someone like-minded, who doesn't expect a hierarchical, top-down approach and is not afraid of challenging him/herself or other team members. Experience is obviously a pre, but we think someone who likes to learn and improve will fit in better than someone who's used to doing things the same way for a long time.

Contact: dl-brion-vhv@asml.com