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Enschede - 1 jobs in September 2015

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Patchman | http://patchman.co | ONSITE or REMOTE | Enschede, The Netherlands

Our customers comprise of large web hosting providers all around the globe. Security is – obviously – extremely important to them. However, there’s one layer of the security stack they have little or no control over: the code of their end users. Most websites use standard software as a foundation. Did you know that about 30% of the web is running on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? Hackers continuously exploit security vulnerabilities in these foundations to upload and execute malware. Effectively, this allows hackers to run any malicious code they want. For example: to send spam, launch DDoS attacks or inflict far worse damage.

Patchman comes to the rescue! We offer web hosting providers a fully automated SaaS solution to index security vulnerabilities/risks and resolve them by automatically applying safe backported patches and by defusing malware. On top of that, we offer a web app that helps all stakeholders (including security officers, system administrators, helpdesk employees and end users) to operate Patchman and keep the web secure.

We're currently hiring for three positions:

### Software Engineer: Threat Analysis & Response (PHP) ###

Info & apply: http://jobs.patchman.co/software-engineer-threat-analysis-re...

### Software Engineer: Back-end (Python/Django) ###

Info & apply: http://jobs.patchman.co/software-engineer-back-end

### Software Engineer: Linux Security R&D (C/C++) ###

Info & apply: http://jobs.patchman.co/software-engineer-linux-security-rd