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Iron Mountain - 1 jobs in September 2015

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CCI Systems - Iron Mountain, MI (remote)

We build software for provisioning, monitoring and supporting networks. Most of our stack is in Ruby on Rails right now, but we are in the process of breaking things apart into smaller services that can be consumed by our SPAs and iOS/Android apps.


* 100% remote team.

* Flexible schedule. Outside of a few regular meetings, get work done on your own schedule.

* Medical, dental and vision insurance.

* A stipend for investing in your health (e.g. gym memberships or buying your own workout equipment).

* ESOP program.

If you are interested, please reach out to zachary.gohr [at] ccisystems [dot] com.


Front End Engineer:

* Build UIs for things like provisioning network equipment, dashboards for reporting monitoring information and ticketing systems for the support team.

* Maintain a UI component kit, similar to Bootstrap and Foundation, that is shared between all of our applications.

* Most of our new UI work is in Angular, but we are actively exploring other tools, like React, for our desktop UIs and mobile development.