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Mountain View - 6 jobs in September 2015

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Natero Inc. natero.com - Mountain View, CA ONSITE Machine Learning Engineer - https://www.natero.com/careers/

Machine learning is a core part of the Natero platform, driving predictive alerts to customer success managers to help them focus on the right accounts at the right time.

As a machine learning engineer, your primary responsibilities would be the research, prototyping and productization of new machine learning models to tackle the challenges of behavioral prediction. This position is a mix of data science with system design and implementation, and a great fit for someone looking to not only work with data, but build the systems for processing and analyzing it.

KEYWORDS: Java, Python, SQL, R, Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics

REQUIREMENTS: MS or PhD with 3+ years of experience in Machine Learning, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or related field Strong understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of various machine learning techniques: classification, regression, clustering, etc. Strong system design skills and experience with distributed systems. Ability to conduct independent research and turn ideas into production code. Familiarity with various statistical packages: R, scikit-learn etc. Excellent programming skills in python, Java or C/C++ Proficiency in SQL. Experience working with time-series dataset a plus.


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RethinkDB - www.rethinkdb.com - Mountain View, CA - C++ hackers

We're making it dramatically easier for the world to shift to realtime apps with a new database access model -- instead of long polling the database for changes, the developer can tell RethinkDB to continuously push updated query results to applications in realtime.

We're hiring C++ engineers to work on performance, the continuous computation engine, and the distributed system.

RethinkDB is fun, very technically challenging, well-funded, and is growing very quickly. Intellectually, we're also PL nerds (mostly Lisp and Haskell/ML), so if that's your cup of tea you'll be right at home!

Shoot us your resume and a sentence or two about what you're interested in to jobs@rethinkdb.com


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Quixey - Mountain View, CA - Lots of good programmers - ONSITE

Quixey wants to make the functionality and information living in apps externally accessible, like web services are today. As such, we work on ways to search, present, and link to in-app content. Our technology currently powers search and discovery tools for Ask and Alibaba and reaches millions of users around the world.

We're constantly looking for a variety of high-quality engineers to work on all kinds of stuff, including but not limited to:

- Machine-learned search relevance

- Data engineering w/Hadoop & Spark

- Android tools to extract in-app content

- Android, iOS, and web SDKs for our services

- Internal web tools

Tech stack is mostly Java, Python, AWS, web things.

We have solid funding, a downtown Mountain View office with about 150 people in it, and a sane, flexible work culture with great benefits. If you're interested email me at marshall@quixey.com and I will happily answer all of your questions and tell you more.


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Mountain View, Seattle, Tokyo, London, Tel Aviv, etc. Full-time (ONSITE or maybe REMOTE) Cloud Solutions Architects, Google Cloud Platform

https://www.google.com/about/careers/search#!t=jo&jid=136565... (Ignore that the job listing only mentions Tokyo...)

We're building a team of senior architects for breaking down interesting customer problems, building up technical solutions that help those customers succeed, and then publishing them for the world. We're the folks building this: http://cloud.google.com/solutions

Feel free to reach out to me direct about it: milesward@google.com


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Treasure Data | Mountain View, CA | Remote OK (some roles); Visas OK

DevOps Engineer - You are a hybrid who loves coding as much as you love scaling and holding stable development environments. This role is open in Mountain View...or Tokyo!

Senior Front-end Developer - Lend your experience with single page apps, good UX and Javascript to our collaborative growing Front-end team. React or AngularJS experience appreciated.

Lead Visual Designer - You will will have a key role in defining and evolving Treasure Data’s brand and aesthetic. We are looking for someone that can think strategically and become our Creative Director. This is a hands-on role.

More roles are on our website, where you can learn which other roles can be based in Tokyo.


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orangecaffeine.com :: Mountain View, CA :: Mobile designers & developers (iOS, Android, Backend, Fullstack)

orangecaffeine is an invite-only freelancer network that helps companies accelerate their projects. Our clients are mostly based in Silicon Valley and are either VC backed or large corporations. Our projects range from 1 - 6 months (or more). Some projects require on-site, most don't.

LOOKING FOR: iOS / Android engineers, designers, backend engineers, full stack engineers.

If you're interested, please email Grace Sui (grace@orangecaffeine.com) -- we'd love to see your portfolio, github profile, and anything else you're proud about. Thanks!