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Munich - 3 jobs in September 2015

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At Stylight we build a search engine for fashion.

A few facts about us:

- English is our company language

- We have cross-functional teams - we think engineers are people too!

- We encourage and support diversity. We have 20+ different nationalities and organize the Tech Diversity Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Tech-Diversity-Munich-Meetup/

- We thrive to be one of the main pillar in the Munich Tech community, organizing our own Dev Conference (http://daho.am) and being one of the top Meetup organizer in Munich - Check all our events: http://meetup.com/stylight-tech-events.

- Get a glimpse at our culture in our weekly video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCoqwQYC-9E

See our job posts : http://stylight.com/jobs

You can apply directly on our site, or email johann.romefort@stylight.com if you're interested in knowing more about our openings


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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 3/6/12 months TRAINEE/INTERNS

We try to keep a group of trainees contributing to ongoing projects or prototyping things we are curious about. Most of our staff have been former trainees and this is our preferred way of finding out if someone likes to work with us long term. If you are passionate about open-source and like one of our current topics, get in touch.

Current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs):

- Prototype JavaScript Unhosted Social Network

- Help on our Python Big Data Platform

- Help porting the Babel protocol to Rina

- Extend our HTML5 Web Component Framework

- Upgrade our Web App Store / Add Some JavaScript Apps

- Explore Our Prototype of An Decentralized Web Cloud

- Try prototyping a Web Version Control System

- Try to use WebRTC to create a Web Mesh Network

- Experiment with ERP5 and WebAssembly

About Nexedi:

We are a small team from all over the world (headquarters in Lille, France) creating open source software since 2001. Our work is split between client and research projects with ERP5 (enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting) and Wendelin (Big Data platform) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we mostly hack.

Apply To: jobs(at)nexedi.com


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Munich, Germany, VISA, ONSITE - Embedded Enthusiasts - E.S.R. Labs AG

We are a team of software developers brought together by our enthusiasm for creating the best possible embedded systems. We are full-stack developers working on real-time, connectivity, mobile, and back-end projects. Customers come to us for two main reasons: when they feel their project is "impossible," and if they expect the highest level of quality and reliability in their software development. The result speaks for itself: today our software runs in millions of cars.

E.S.R. Labs is a company founded by software developers for software developers. Our goal is to create a work environment in which programmers can thrive. Working at E.S.R. Labs means you will experience a diverse set of projects, with the chance to work with a wide range of technologies and the freedom to explore new ways of doing things.

Currently we are looking for you in the role of a performance-driven Embedded Software Developer (f/m), focus: Automotive. For this role you can choose where to build your career with us in Germany: At our exciting new offices in the Neue Balan “Campus of Ideas” in wonderful Munich, ranked as one of the world’s most liveable and interesting cities. Or you can join us at our smaller offices in beautiful Kulmbach.

What does your work life look like with us? As Embedded Software Developer, you are involved with very demanding projects, sometimes teamed with other E.S.R. Labs employees, and usually in cooperation with leading automotive OEMs. You develop software which ensures network communication within control devices used in world-renowned vehicle brands (such as Volkswagen/Audi or BMW). You are part of the entire process of development and you work with different Ethernet-based technologies.

If you are interested, feel free to send us your application to: http://bit.ly/19cqJ5f