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Pittsburgh - 3 jobs in September 2015

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Uber Advanced Technologies Center — Pittsburgh — Full Time

We focus on vehicle autonomy, mapping and safety systems. We're hiring across a range of areas to support this work: machine learning, planning, control, mapping, perception and simulation. More info about the center here: http://blog.uber.com/carnegie-mellon

We're also looking for senior mobile and backend engineers.

http://www.uberatc.com/hiring/ or send me an email: sweeney@uber.com


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Rocket Fuel (rocketfuel.com) | Machine Learning, AI | Pittsburgh | ONSITE | Full Time | Citizen (visa for well-qualified candidates)

Rocket Fuel is opening a new Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh, PA. We have really challenging problems to tackle at petabyte scale. I'm the site leader and ramping up recruiting. We haven't selected office space yet, but are looking in the hot CMU - Bakery Square tech corridor. I personally just moved from San Francisco to Pittsburgh and love it so far. It's a vibrant city, with an up and coming tech scene and a great quality of life (not to mention lower cost of living). This is a great opportunity to help build out our brand new office.

We are looking for a variety of positions:

  - Software Engineer in AI and Machine Learning 
  - Senior developers (backend, full-stack) - experience in Scala a bonus
  - Senior Machine Learning Scientist - Lead ML/AI in Pittsburgh
Only the first one has a posting on our site (http://rocketfuel.com/careers?jvi=ojXb1fwc), but it has a good overview of the company and type of work we do.

Feel free to apply online for the first or reach out to me directly - ddonohoe <at> rocketfuelinc [dot] com.

-Doug Donohoe Site Leader, Pittsburgh Center of Excellence


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IBM Watson | Multiple positions | Pittsburgh | Onsite | Full-time | Citizen; Visa for well-qualified candidates | Scala; Java; Angular.js; Bootstrap; Python; Ruby; Watson Explorer

Want to be a part of a quickly growing product team, fueled by customers' never-ending thirst for knowledge? IBM Watson Pittsburgh has dominion over Watson Explorer and a number of upcoming Watson Developer Cloud services. We're a hilariously large family seated in the heart of Squirrel Hill, a neighborhood of bonnie Pittsburgh. No office parks or egregious commutes here!


* QA

* L2 Tech Support

* Product Management

* UI developers, junior and senior

* SWE positions opening periodically

If you apply, please ensure that you apply fully by clicking the link in the email you receive later today. People frequently miss that step and leave their application incomplete! I know the form is kinda long - I'm actively working with HR to shorten the process.

We try to keep our interview process as bullshit-free as possible. If we think you look good on paper, we’ll reach out for a phone chat and give you the details on a pretty open-ended < 60 min code test, where you’ll implement a simple library. If we like your solution, then we’ll invite you for a live culture fit and technical interview, in-person if you’re near or remote if not. Our process has given us a ridiculously low turnover.

I'm the software engineer tech lead on the Watson Explorer connectivity team and former consultant with the product's Professional Services team. I've been around a long while and I can rightfully say that Watson group really does move quickly lives up to the "startup speed" thing seen in the press.

See my post history for some additional details about the positions and our office: https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=colindean

If you want to chat with me, hit me up on Pittsburgh Code & Supply's Slack chat (http://www.codeandsupply.co/chat) or email me <my hn username> at us · ibm · com with "Hacker News" in the subject.