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Vancouver - 8 jobs in September 2015

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Vancouver, BC - Remote possible

We are looking for an experienced C# .NET developer to take a lead role in bringing two software projects to market. These applications have been developed by an external team and are in use internally. We are now building our capacity to handle ongoing development internally, and need that crucial first piece.

You ideally have several years experience as a developer, and can demonstrate your experience working with large web applications using C#, ASP.NET MVC, and SQL Server. You’ll also need to be comfortable working on the frontend with Javascript, CSS, and HTML - you don’t need to be a designer, but can get the job done. Repository patterns, dependency injection, and test frameworks are concepts that you’re comfortable working with.

We’re a small team with lots to do, so you’ll need to have good time management/tracking skills, and the ability to get things done without lots of oversight. We strive to maintain a sustainable and balanced pace, and while some office hours may be needed, the remainder can be worked when and where you choose.

We are located just minutes from Lonsdale Quay on the North Shore, with a beautiful sunny patio for BBQing and several great restaurants nearby.

Contact me at robert@mineralservices.com if you are interested!


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AXIOM ZEN | Vancouver, Canada | San Francisco | Santiago, Chile | FULL-TIME | ONSITE (visa assistance provided)

Axiom Zen is an idea catalyst: we build, launch, and accelerate iconic companies. We are technologists with a deep respect for design and user experience. We choose products to create real impact. Not just utility; delight.

Axiom Zen team members have also helped build, grow, and successfully exit multiple technology startup companies, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value and giving our team a unique perspective on product ideation, launch, and iteration to market fit.

Opportunities: - Polyglot Engineer (Go, Node.js) - http://grnh.se/8dseqk

- Front End Engineer (JS, Angular) - http://grnh.se/vt2y78

- Technical Product Manager - http://grnh.se/n2u3fq

- Product Designer - http://grnh.se/wgk4l1

- Account Executive (Sales, Biz Dev) - http://grnh.se/03syix

- Founders / Startup Veterans (CEO, COO, CTO) - http://grnh.se/ke7gnd

Learn more about us at https://www.axiomzen.co


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Zymeworks Inc. | Vancouver, BC, Canada | ONSITE | Full Time

Position: Senior Systems Architect/DevOps Engineer

Zymeworks is a leading protein engineering company making drugs for curing cancer and autoimmune diseases using computational technologies. We develop molecular simulation algorithms, data visualization and analysis pipelines as well as bioinformatics and machine learning applications.


• Facilitating the transition of our platform from our own in-house cluster to the cloud

• Creating and managing standardized software development environments for the Software Development team

• Interfacing between Software Development and Systems Administration teams

• Developing automated systems for deployment, monitoring and fault tolerance

• Working with the systems team to provide the necessary services for the software development team

• Helping improve software deployment, monitoring and development processes taking into account systems requirements

• Laying the foundation for a strong DevOps team, and establishing a common language between developers and system team members.

• Envisioning long term goals for our infrastructure along with the Software and Systems team leads.

For details, see http://www.zymeworks.com/careers/PDF/1330-Senior_Systems_Arc...


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GenomeDx Bioscience Inc. - Vancouver BC ONSITE fulltime Software Engineer

We are currently seeking for a dynamic Software Engineer to develop analytic pipelines and infrastructure to explore and manage this multi-terabyte genomic dataset to join the team.

We have 3 Software Engineers already and are hiring 2 more. Much of the code in place is in Scala and we will use the JVM ecosystem when we can but there is also some core biostats stuff in R and that is unlikely to change.

You would be part of a team of engineers, supporting interesting biomedical and genomics research by automating all the grungy housekeeping tasks involved in managing datasets, and piping them into various computational pipelines that the researchers have come up with.

We are currently in the second iteration of building a pipeline and we know that we will need a 3rd iteration to get a pipeline that can handle the scale and diversity that we have planned.

To apply, go to the website and follow instructions https://genomedx.com/about/team/careers/open-positions/


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Multapplied Networks | Chilliwack, BC (Greater Vancouver area) ONSITE | Web dev (Python/JavaScript) & Linux network dev

We're a small team working towards a big goal: make the best Internet bonding software in the world. Our code allows businesses around the world to combine Internet connections for extra speed and amazing reliability. It runs on everything from tiny 1 GHz systems to 32-core beasts. Multapplied Networks R&D team works out of a little office in the heart of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia- not typically known for high tech work, but a great place to live and work and close enough to Vancouver to attend your favourite meetups, conferences, and training events.

Our product has two parts:

* A Linux VPN client/server and router that bonds multiple Internet connections for speed and reliability. Our codebase is mostly Python with a few special tricks for performance-critical parts. We need a developer who can jump in and improve our VPN application, performance-enhancing proxy, QoS, firewall, and monitoring features.

* A web application used for configuring client premise equipment and VPN servers and reporting usage and status information. We need someone to tackle both the back-end Python (Django) and front-end JavaScript (AngularJS & Bootstrap).

Details and to apply: http://www.multapplied.net/about-us/careers/web-developer-py... and/or http://www.multapplied.net/about-us/careers/linux-network-de...


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SocialNature | Vancouver, BC, Canada (Remote OK)| Full time | https://www.socialnature.com/

We're looking for Javascript Engineers (Angular.js, Sail.js Node.js)

Join our 5 person team and build the next gen marketing platform for progressive brands. We believe the future of marketing is peer-to-peer, and our platform gives brands the ultimate dashboard into the social web.

We expect you to be driven, equally interested in learning and making an impact. You’ll get an opportunity to work closely with brands, create interesting social integrations, and think about how to store and query big-data. We don’t expect you to be an expert in everything already, but we are looking for solid, experienced developers who don’t shy away from new challenges.

If you're interested email me at annalea@socialnature.com


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AppNeta (htts://appneta.com) | Boston MA, Providence RI, Vancouver BC | devjobs@appneta.com

AppNeta provides a SaaS platform for monitoring application performance. We get to make software for people like us (engineers), that focuses on optimization and performance, by analyzing and visualizing huge amounts of data. It's a lot of fun--and our customers (some of whom are on this thread) love it too.

We're growing quickly which means there are a number of openings right now in development, QA, engineering management, technical support, and technical sales: http://www.appneta.com/about/careers/


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Predictable Revenue | Vancouver, Canada | Full Time | ONSITE

Senior Software Developer | Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, PostgreSQL

Predictable Revenue is a profitable, fast growth international technology company with offices in the Gastown area of Vancouver, BC and Santa Monica area of Los Angeles, California.

This is a full-time local role with meetings in our Vancouver office, but your working hours are flexible and we support telecommuting.

More information: http://predictablerevenue.com/about/careers#op-50880-senior-...