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Beijing - 1 jobs in January 2016

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Tropo @ Cisco | Software Engineers, QA engineers, Product Managers, Support Engineers, Training Engineers | San Francisco, CA / Milpitas, CA / Beijing | Fulltime | Onsite

Open positions: https://jobs.cisco.com/search/?q=tropo

At Tropo, recently acquired by Cisco, we work as a startup but with the perks from a giant company. There is several fronts that are significantly growing and many opportunities ahead so the company is hiring on many different levels.

Personally, I'm involved in the hiring process for software engineers. We are looking for very experienced developers familiar with the Java platform. On your daily work you will have to deal with frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, Jersey, and so forth. Familiarity with concurrency patterns is a big advantage too. So is experience with JVM debugging, GC analysis, profiling, etc. Additional languages are also a big plus and VoIP experience is even better but not mandatory.

For all positions you can apply from the link above. For those related with software engineering you can also get in touch with me at martper2 at cisco dot com

Have a great new year!