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Boston - 19 jobs in January 2016

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Weft - http://weft.io - Cambridge/Boston, MA -- ONSITE

     === What we do ===
We're building skynet (except we're focusing 100% on logistics, less so on the murder part) -- we track every boat on the water, every plane in the sky, and pretty much everything else that moves in the supply chain (all the way down to the container/pallet level) so we can make predictions about what's going to happen!

We help solve problems like the multi-billion dollar asset repositioning problem (people literally ship empty containers to try to meet customer demand) and answer questions like is the port of long beach about to go on strike, is my shipment going to get stuck in customs, and who's the best person to ship with between point A and B (among a bunch of other things)?

     === Crib notes ===
- Clojure, Clojurescript, Javascript, Python/PySpark, React/re-frame, we even have a couple services in Scala

- Spark, postgres, redis, kafka, accumulo, docker

- We have one of the world's experts in Deep Learning on our team

- We're funded by top-tier VCs

- We have paying customers across multiple verticals

- We eat + drink together a lot... wino wednesday, whiskey thursday, foodie friday

     === Looking for ===
- Front end tech lead (starting to play with clojurescript, though I guess that'd be your choice!)

- Data engineer

- Firmware engineer (MSP430, WOO!)

If this sounds interesting, please shoot us an email at jobs@weft.io! Tell 'em Marc sent you.


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Cognii - Boston, MA | Remote OK

Cognii is transforming online education with AI technology. We are adding a few engineers to meet the growing demand:

1. NLP/AI Research Engineer

  - natural language processing

  - statistical machine learning

  - syntactic and semantic analysis

  - information extraction
2. Back-end Engineer

  - Design and implement the web platform for interactive learning

  - Data pipeline workflow optimization

  - Experience with Ruby and Rails/Sinatra
EdTech experience is a plus. Compensation includes significant amount of equity. Please send your resume and queries to jobs@cognii.com


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GreatHorn (http://www.greathorn.com) • ONSITE (Boston, MA + New York City, NY) • Software Engineer • Full time

GreatHorn (Techstars '15) is a new kind of cybersecurity platform that secures cloud-based communication systems, detecting and stopping spear phishing and credential theft attacks in realtime.

This is an opening for a full-stack developer with a strong background in Javascript, CSS, SQL, and data stores of all kinds.

You'll help to define the future of cloud security, work directly with the founding team on a wide range of (we think!) interesting problems, and have a material impact on the growth of the product from the ground up. This role will work across the entire product stack, from database connectors to UX, and define new ways to capture, analyze, and report on customer security data, along with helping to grow a system of services distributed across machines, languages, and networks. The ideal candidate will have experience working with cloud services (Google Apps, Azure, AWS, etc.), as well as a history of working within startup environments.

You can reach me directly at kobrien@greathorn.com, or apply online via https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/be6442a3.


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Kensho: Boston, MA (Cambridge), New York, NY (NYC), San Francisco (SF), Stamford, CT: FULL TIME Software Engineers, Data Scientists (esp. Machine Learning or NLP), SRE, SET, or UI Designers ONSITE

Kensho's growing engineering team [0] overlooks Harvard Sq. We are making financial analysis faster, accessible, intuitive and beautiful through our partnerships with Goldman Sachs [1] and CNBC [2].

Please say hello at https://kensho.com/#/careers To really get our attention:

* Engineers: Prolific technologists who think sharply, code swiftly, and are never blocked on small problems. Major bonus points for experience with sophisticated timeseries analysis or scaling content ingestion pipelines.

* Data Scientists: Experience at-scale with machine learning, NLP or modeling (PhD preferred).

* UI Designers: A portfolio/demo that shows how you would display complex data in intuitive, beautiful and engaging ways.

Technologies we use:

  * python, pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, nltk, et al.

  * Javascript, React, d3, canvas

  * Google Cloud Platform


[0] http://kensho.com/#team

[1] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-07-28/how-goldma...

[2] https://www.cnbc.com/kensho


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Composable Analytics | Cambridge, MA | Multiple Positions | On-site

Software Engineers and Data Scientists

We are building a unique data and process integration platform dedicated to real-time, collaborative exploration of complex, information-based problems. We’ve recently spun out of MIT, and thriving as we create an awesome product and company.

We are looking for new team members with amazing technical skills and collaborative attitudes, that enjoy having the freedom to innovate and invent, while advancing new ideas and implementations, and shaping the product direction.

This is your chance to be a critical part of this development team.

Full-time positions are available immediately for:

Front-End UI Developers passionate about creating well-architected user interfaces and fluent in current best practices for responsive and accessible design Junior and Senior level Software Engineers that have the ability to work across all layers of the application, from back-end databases through to the UI Data Scientists skilled at pattern recognition, predictive analysis, data mining and expert system concepts

We’re looking for developers with knowledge of software systems and design principles, that can code the entire stack, with an interest in:

Designing and building Web applications using HTML5, JavaScript, XML, JSON and RESTful web services

Building and maintaining large-scale, distributed, web-based platforms, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and delivering innovative features

We’re looking for data scientists with strong, hands-on development experience, with an interest in:

Developing novel data models, integrating diverse data types, utilizing SQL, NoSQL and other technologies

Building tools, workflows, and dashboards for data selection, pre-processing and enrichment

Creating predictive and automated machine learning algorithms

Visit www.ComposableAnalytics.com and e-mail info at ComposableAnalytics.com with your resume.


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Lola Travel Company - http://lolatravel.com/ | Web & Server Developers | Boston, MA and Westford, MA | Full-time | On-site

Lola Travel is a well-funded team that is looking to build the next great travel company in Boston. We hire for the person, not for the role. We look for people who have excelled on teams, including multi-year commitments to teams which have built successful mass-market consumer technology products.

A critical part of our success is a special web app that we have in mind. We need some real wizards at building fast, reliable HTML+CSS+JS web applications and scalable/reliable infrastructure to support our travel apps and web sites. Sorry, we are being coy about exactly what this app will do, but it something we think other folks are not paying attention to, and we don’t want to even bring it up.

If you join us, we promise this will be the most fun job of your career, and that you will be more productive here than you've been on any prior team. You will get to invent stuff, and to try it rapidly. Meet the team here: http://lolatravel.com/team/, complete job descriptions here: http://lolatravel.com/jobs/ and send us a note at hello@blade.net. Thanks!


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Zerto — http://www.zerto.com — Israel (Herzliya); Boston (halfway between Broadway & South stations); remote

Zerto has the industry's leading hypervisor-based replication solution for private, public, and hybrid clouds. If you're interested in virtualization, data protection, disaster recovery—or just working on interesting technical challenges—then we might be right for you.

We're on a hiring spree with a wide range of openings, including roles in QA, DevOps, sales/solutions engineers, development, etc. Technologies include C++, C#, .NET, PHP, Apex, and Javascript (Angular in particular I believe). Some senior roles as well, including VP of Product. Technical openings are here: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3AmFKhw7

Experience with and/or interest in these could be helpful: hypervisors, cloud computing, virtualization, VMware, Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure.

Also hiring for a ton of non-technical positions, especially in sales, marketing, and account management—most of these positions are also fully remote and spread out globally. Here are some of the business openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3fmFKhwM


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General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly) | New York, NY ONSITE & REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Washington DC. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration.

We have small, cross-functional product teams that are developing innovative new solutions to online education, and currently we have various open positions across the engineering organization that we are looking to fill. If you want to be part of a diverse team, working on challenging tasks, and want to help the world expand their knowledge to better themselves and their careers via education, drop us line. If you're in New York City, let's grab a drink or a coffee and chat!

See our full list of open positions ranging from engineers to designers to even teaching opportunities at https://generalassemb.ly/careers. Please feel free to contact me directly with your resume and any questions at elliott . carlson - at - generalassemb.ly


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Brightcove (http://brightcove.com) | Boston & Seattle | Full-Time | Onsite

We're an online video platform (OVP) headquartered near Boston's South Station (with offices around the world), and power video for many of the world's largest media companies. We work on fun, difficult problems within a casual work environment. We have a fully stocked kitchen, ping pong/arcade machines, frequent catering, unlimited vacation policy that employees actually use, generous work/life balance, 401k matching, etc. etc.

Boston, MA:

* Senior Full Stack Web Developer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3BEMHhwu)

* JavaScript Developer, Video Players (http://app.jobvite.com/m?33EMHhwW)

* Engineering Manager, Video SDKs (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3bNMEhwa)

* Developer Evangelist, Video Platform (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3mNMEhwl)

* Senior Security Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3jEMHhwc)

* Zencoder Senior Software Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3tFMHhwn)

* Senior iOS Application Developer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?33nvKhwr)

* Principal Software Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3envKhwC)

Seattle, WA:

* Principal Software Engineer, Video Analytics & Billing (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3sovKhwR)

* Senior Software Engineer in Test (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3zovKhwY)


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Pavlok | http://buy.pavlok.com | Boston, MA | Full Time | Onsite or Remote

== We are ==

At Pavlok, we've invented a wearable device that helps users break bad habits --- using haptic feedback. Pavlok vibrates, beeps, and releases mild electric stimuli we call 'zaps' that help a user create a Pavlovian aversion to bad habits.

It works manually (pressing a button) or automatically (a Chrome extension that zaps when I go on bad websites, an alarm clock that zaps the user if he hits a snooze button, etc).

== You are ==

* Full stack developer * Experience in Rails, Android, iOS, and/or Node * An A+ player * You care about self improvement and want to make yourself better

Your Mission:

To build web products and features that help Pavlok users build good habits and break bad ones.

Role Outcomes:

Audition - Write a simple script/app that uses the Pavlok module to integrate with some 3rd party API service.

14 Day - Will have coordinated with design to develop multiple features and bug fixes. Finish getting IFTTT up and running with senior contract developer. Will have adopted Pavlok’s git workflow and TDD methodology. At least 1 commit / hour. Dev ops

1 Month - Deliver four builds to QA, maintain and build out our api and develop our unified push for Pavlok customers.

3 Month - Build a developers platform for other developers to build applications with Pavlok. Maintain high output while pairing with junior teammates.

email daniel.rondeau@pavlok.com and mention HN in the subject


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Litmus | ONSITE in Cambridge, MA or REMOTE | C# and Ruby Devs http://litmus.com

Litmus helps more than 100,000 marketers make email better. Our email creation, testing, and analytics platform empowers marketers, designers, and agencies to send emails with confidence.

Our backend is primarily C# with a mix of other stuff, our front end is a rapidly expanding Rails application. We're originally boot strapped and just took our first round of growth equity 10 years in and have big plans in 2016.

Ruby on Rails Developer: http://salted.theresumator.com/apply/fbXsX5/Ruby-On-Rails-De... .NET Developer: http://salted.theresumator.com/apply/ZfR9Y0/NET-Developer.ht...


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Cram Fighter | Boston, MA | Full-time | Onsite

What we do:

We help students become the best versions of themselves by enabling them to be more efficient and better manage their time. We do this through web and mobile apps that let students create personalized study schedules for high-stakes exams.

What we're about:

We're a bootstrapped, profitable company with thousands of paying customers. We're obsessed with building great products and pushing the boundaries of learning. We focus on an open company culture (everyone gets to see revenues, targets, etc.) and strong work/life balance.

What we're looking for:

* A senior software developer who is interested in tackling important problems in education

* Looking for someone who is proficient in Django

* React experience is a plus

More info:

http://cramfighter.com/careers/senior-software-developer/. Send any questions my way (email is in my profile).


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Linkable Networks - http://www.linkablenetworks.com - Boston, MA (office is in Fort Point Channel neighborhood) - Local Only (Work from home 3 days a week) (http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/102673/senior-cloud-sy...)

* Position: Senior Systems Engineer

* Technology Stack

AWS, Ubuntu, Sharded MySQL, Java, RabbitMQ, Ansible, Puppet, Nagios, Cacti, Graphite

* Additional Info

We're looking for solid system engineers to join our team and help us build out the next level of capabilities on our platform. This is a job where you can make a big impact and take responsibility for a managing a cloud deployed SaaS product.

We have a broad range of customers from grocery giant SuperValu where we're deployed with a first of its kind card-linked SKU offer solution to eBates where we enable in-store coupon redemption. Our business is gaining substantial momentum so we're hoping you're as excited about the challenges of scaling for success as we are.

* Company Summary

Linkable Networks was founded on the premise that the disconnect between digital media and physical retail was a major gap in delivering a great experience to consumers. Since 2011, we’ve been nose-down building a scalable platform that provides brands and retailers the ability to engage, reward and incent their consumers directly and across any channel – online, mobile and in-store. We pioneered the concept of card-linked-offers and have taken it to the next level – always-on loyalty. Both our self-service and SaaS-based platforms enable the creation of actionable ads, coupons, offers, promotions, rebates and more that let you reward loyalty... not just discount a purchase. This is the future of Loyalty.

If this sounds interesting, please shoot me an email at coolgigs@linkablenetworks.com


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Boston, MA - Full stack engineer - SessionM

We are over one-hundred engineers, data scientists, business strategists, and creative technologists dedicated to creating more numerable and longer lasting connections between brands and consumers through more elegant mobile engagement.

We are looking for and individual with strong web backgrounds and an interest in developing the next generation mobile intelligence and engagement platform. The ideal candidate is a passionate and experienced Ruby and Rails developer, with strong JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS skills.

Golang engineering jobs also open.


If interested email eng-jobs at sessionm.com


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Evergage | http://evergage.com | Somerville/Cambridge/Boston, MA | Full Time | ONSITE

We power real-time personalization and recommendations through deep behavior analytics, on site and in app. Work with huge data volumes and build user friendly editing tools, machine learning and statistical analysis. Keep it all running 24/7 and responding in < 20ms.

Hiring: developers (web and backend), data science, solutions engineers, support lead and dev ops

Tech: Angular, Spark, ElasticSearch, Mongo, Java


Thanks! (Greg - CTO)


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wellConnectd, Inc. | Boston, MA, USA | ONSITE | Contract, Full-Time

Lead Front-end Developer

wellConnectd is a Boston-based startup with a small but growing team. We're building a web and mobile platform that is already helping physical therapy patients get better and gives physical therapists insight into patient-generated data never before captured.

We're looking for a Lead Front-end Developer to take ownership of a large portion of our web development and potentially mobile app development. Solid Javascript chops required, React/React Native experience highly-valued. You should have a knack for building beautiful, usable UIs. This is a full-time contract position (3-6 months) that could very well lead to full-time employment for the right candidate.

Full job description at http://www.wellconnectd.com/careers/

Contact careers@wellconnectd.com


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iRobot | Boston, MA and Pasadena, CA | ONSITE

Happy 2016!

iRobot, maker of the Roomba vacuuming robot, builds all sorts of robots to help people (and carry cats), and we're hiring all sorts of software engineers - cloud, robotics, Android, iOS, embedded, and more. Please check out all our jobs at:


And please email me with any questions, I'm always happy to talk to other HN'ers: csvec and then the at sign followed by irobot dot com.


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Pivotal | ONSITE SF, NYC, Palo Alto and many, many locations worldwide | Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists | Visa and relocation assistance

First things first. We look for aptitude over APIs. It doesn't matter whether your resumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, know some stuff and have empathy, we want to work with you.

Pivotal's goal is to change the way the world makes software and we kinda sorta really mean it. We're broken into three basic divisions: Pivotal Labs (yes, that Pivotal Labs), Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Big Data. Rotations between divisions, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Dublin, Tokyo and Sydney. We will soon be opening an office in Berlin as well, with more to come. Relocations, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

Each of the three divisions has a constantly evolving and deliberately cross-pollinated culture. We are constantly thinking about how we work and how we can work more sensibly, effectively and enjoyably. Right now we are particularly trying to grow in Labs and Cloud Foundry.

-- Pivotal Labs, from which the company draws its name and cultural seed, helps clients to become better at development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile. In practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels. We have a growing data science practice, and some engagements include all four roles.

-- Cloud Foundry solves application deployment and management. We're the main contributors to the Cloud Foundry project. We're constantly improving the leading opensource PaaS -- our distribution has the fastest-growing sales of any opensource product ever.

It's also the only PaaS I'd personally bet a company on. Except for integrated upstream code, every line is pair programmed and TDD'd. We dogfood the cutting edge of the technology on our own commercial public cloud (Pivotal Web Services). It works because we took the XP and Lean DNA of Pivotal Labs and scaled it up to build the best cloud platform bar none.

-- Generally

At our offices we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

We provide visa and relocation assistance. In the NYC office we have about 15 people from overseas, including Australians like me.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers. You can also email me at jchester+hn@pivotal.io to answer any questions you might have and potentially help me score one of our generous referral bonuses.

For what it's worth, I'm just an engineer. My replies might not be immediate, sorry.


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[ original post ]

IBM Watson Health | Multiple positions | Dallas, TX, other locations below | Onsite | Full-time | Citizen; Visa for well-qualified candidates (I think) | Ruby on Rails, React, .Net, Mongo

I’m currently a Rails Developer for IBM Watson Health out of Dallas. My team is working on tools to allow healthcare providers to holistically manage their patient populations. IBM has thousands of job postings, so I’m going to give direct links, feel free to search around further!

For the Rails roles, we're also looking for experience in React.


In Dallas:

• Ruby on Rails (Possible REMOTE, we just hired a guy out of Ohio)- http://rfer.us/IBEVRU1ect

• Senior Ruby on Rails (Possible REMOTE)- http://rfer.us/IBETt_1ecv

• Release Engineer - http://rfer.us/IBEeho1eci

• Test Automation Engineer - http://rfer.us/IBEu0K1qd4

• Software Engineer (Microsoft toolset *C#, ASP.Net, Mongo) - http://rfer.us/IBE7S_1ecn

• Database Administrator - http://rfer.us/IBE-hX1ed3

• Senior Database Administrator - http://rfer.us/IBEFl71ed6

• Software Engineer - Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) - http://rfer.us/IBE13w1ed7


Non Development Roles:

• Client Relationship Manager - http://rfer.us/IBEK821ecq

• Clinical Sales Consultant - http://rfer.us/IBEeVE1ecy

• Clinical Informatics Analyst - http://rfer.us/IBE38-1ed0


Other Watson Health teams are also hiring multiple positions in:

• Denver, CO (AlchemyAPI's/ Watson office) - http://rfer.us/IBEW211erl

• Cambridge, MA - http://rfer.us/IBEDMB1edN

• Bay Area (not Watson Specific) - http://rfer.us/IBEDyB1qd6

• Watson across the country! - http://rfer.us/IBEDyB1qd6