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Boulder - 5 jobs in January 2016

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Rafflecopter | Boulder, CO | On-site/Remote

Looking for a CSS/HTML master to help build UI's & own the "front-front end" of our application stack.

At the end of the day HTML/CSS are just tools. What you really do is breathe life into interfaces that millions of people use every day. You get the details right. You make computing enjoyable, an experience which is too often the opposite.

We have a ton of interesting work to do and you'll be hard-pressed to find a team that cares more about making great products, or an environment more amicable to this kind of work. Come focus on perfecting your craft in a place where the CEO cares as much about it as you do.

We don't really care where you went to school, job title buzzwords, or any of that. This is a position where a portfolio speaks louder than any credentials. We want to see your work!

(Note: this is _not_ a design position. We're evaluating the quality of the implementation, though of course it's impossible to entirely separate the two - like writing/acting).

We'd also like to hear more about the projects you've worked on, what your role was, what went right/wrong, etc... We're looking for real experience.

Remote is absolutely OK, though we do have some bias towards local candidates. (Boulder/Denver area)

To apply, email jobs@rafflecopter.com or me personally at jr@rafflecopter.com

Permalink: https://www.rafflecopter.com/workhere-html-css


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Init.ai | New York (NYC), San Francisco (SF), Boulder | Full-Time

Init.ai is a platform that makes building conversational apps simple for developers. We handle integration with messaging services, natural language processing, and business logic, including integration with third-party APIs.

We are hiring for two positions:

Backend engineer (or full stack)

* Help build and develop our platform and APIs

* It's a developer facing product, so consistency and reliability are critical. Build something you'd want to use.

* Modern tech stack: Go, JavaScript, Postgres, DynamoDB for primary API; Go, Torch, Java, and Clojure for NLP components

* Help figure out how to scale training and deployment of customer-specific machine learning models while maintaining high performance and reliability

* Work closely with the client tools team to help develop CLI tools and a management console (in React)

Machine learning engineer

* This role is part research, part engineering. We want to push the boundaries of the NLP field while actively deploying those findings into the world

* Research, develop, extend, and productize our NLP and machine learning systems, based on cutting edge techniques

* Would be responsible for developing and improving models and systems, as well helping to deploy the models in a scalable and efficient manner

* Potential to publish significant findings if developed

Email keith@init.ai if interested.


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Stryd, Boulder, CO, Techstars Boulder 2015 | Early Hire | Full-time or Intern | mobile Developer


Stryd is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about the future of wearable technology for athletes. Out of this passion, we've developed the world’s first wearable power meter for runners that provides insight into their running technique and performance.

We are looking for mobile developers who are good at Android development and also knowledgable with iOS development. We use Java for the Android and Swift for the iOS. Good sense of design is bonus.

We also want you to be an endurance runner, or a triathlete, or at least to have the passion about running. This is very important.

You will be leading the Android development for Stryd first, and possibly share the development for iOS in the future.

Relocating to Boulder is required. But you know what? If you like running, this is pretty much your dream place. You get tons of opportunities to run and train with LOTS of elite athletes who are Stryd ambassadors here.

If interested, please send an email to kun@stryd.com


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Pivotal | ONSITE SF, NYC, Palo Alto and many, many locations worldwide | Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists | Visa and relocation assistance

First things first. We look for aptitude over APIs. It doesn't matter whether your resumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, know some stuff and have empathy, we want to work with you.

Pivotal's goal is to change the way the world makes software and we kinda sorta really mean it. We're broken into three basic divisions: Pivotal Labs (yes, that Pivotal Labs), Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Big Data. Rotations between divisions, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Dublin, Tokyo and Sydney. We will soon be opening an office in Berlin as well, with more to come. Relocations, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

Each of the three divisions has a constantly evolving and deliberately cross-pollinated culture. We are constantly thinking about how we work and how we can work more sensibly, effectively and enjoyably. Right now we are particularly trying to grow in Labs and Cloud Foundry.

-- Pivotal Labs, from which the company draws its name and cultural seed, helps clients to become better at development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile. In practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels. We have a growing data science practice, and some engagements include all four roles.

-- Cloud Foundry solves application deployment and management. We're the main contributors to the Cloud Foundry project. We're constantly improving the leading opensource PaaS -- our distribution has the fastest-growing sales of any opensource product ever.

It's also the only PaaS I'd personally bet a company on. Except for integrated upstream code, every line is pair programmed and TDD'd. We dogfood the cutting edge of the technology on our own commercial public cloud (Pivotal Web Services). It works because we took the XP and Lean DNA of Pivotal Labs and scaled it up to build the best cloud platform bar none.

-- Generally

At our offices we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

We provide visa and relocation assistance. In the NYC office we have about 15 people from overseas, including Australians like me.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers. You can also email me at jchester+hn@pivotal.io to answer any questions you might have and potentially help me score one of our generous referral bonuses.

For what it's worth, I'm just an engineer. My replies might not be immediate, sorry.


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Blue Canyon Technologies | Boulder, Colorado (ONSITE) | http://bluecanyontech.com | FULL-TIME


Aerospace Software Engineer

Blue Canyon Technologies is a small business specializing in spacecraft component and systems design and development. Our current product portfolio ranges from Star Trackers and Reaction Wheels, to complete spacecraft guidance, navigation and control systems to entire spacecraft systems. The BCT development team has experience designing and building spacecraft for DOD, NASA, and commercial aerospace organizations, including the design, development, test and operations of more than 20 diverse systems currently in operation and providing reliable service for our country and the world.

Blue Canyon Technologies is looking for a Software Engineer. This Engineer would be working in a team environment, sometimes with remote team members, engaging in full life-cycle development (plan, design, verify, certify) of embedded software for operation and control of a variety of spacecraft components and subsystems. Development work will span Matlab, autocoding, programming in C, FPGA interfaces, and verification using aerospace standard approaches.

Required Qualifications:

* Experience with all phases of the software lifecycle (design, implementation, testing, and support) * Software used production/in the field by a customer is a must

* Working knowledge of formal software development practices

* Version control, coding standards, naming conventions, build/release procedures, and code reviews by peers

* Understanding of how to write concurrent software correctly and reliably

* Well-versed in the C programming language

* Embedded software experience writing device drivers to interface with hardware

* Experience interfacing to custom hardware (e.g. FPGAs, ASICs, CPLDs) is a plus

* Ability to debug if a problem is being caused by hardware or software

* Good documentation and communication skills

Desired Qualifications:

* Experience with network programming, especially TCP/IP and/or security

* Experience with operating system concepts, especially RTOS and/or Linux

* Experience with shell scripts (Bash), MATLAB, Simulink, and/or Ruby

* Exposure (job, class project, internship) to spacecraft and/or ground stations

* Exposure to software defined radios, such as GNU Radio

* Strong understanding of quality software development processes