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Lyon - 1 jobs in January 2016

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Tetrane - http://tetrane.com/en/ | M√Ęcon, France (near Lyon) | ONSITE | SW engineer & Reverse engineer

We're a small startup building a dynamic tool for reverse-engineers: recording the entire execution of a VM (on a limited timespan) & replaying it on our custom symbolic CPU for manual analysis. The user gets to see, down to the assembly language, exactly what happened on the machine. It's a really, really cool project to work on:

- no such tool exist on the market yet

- we get to have a strong relationship with some of our clients which are at the top of their field

- it's down to earth, down to the metal

- it's all developed on Debian, but we may have to dive into any OS' internals

The kind of problems we face every day look like:

- managing the amount of data we generate & reworking our backend to scale it up

- fixing our emulation engine, extending the x86 support and planning new architectures

- providing insight through new, relevant data visualizations

We're looking for very autonomous software engineers for R&D and UX developments (see http://tetrane.com/recrutement.html): C++ & python, Qt, basic computer architecture knowledge but more importantly a strong, strong ability - and will - to learn.

If you're a reverse-engineer, we need you as well! Basically, we want you to eat our own dogfood and give us bug-reports, insights and visibility :) You'll have the opportunity to help create the next-gen set of tools, you'll have a lot of freedom in what you choose to work on, you'll have time to improve your skills and your network of relations. Working with us could be a very interesting step in your career.

All in all, we are looking for people who are self-driven, creative but rigorous and good team-players. We believe in giving a lot of room in choosing what you work on based on what you perceive as the most urgent, but the whole team must be involved and support your decisions.

If you're interested, shoot us an email at jobs (at) tetrane dot com !

Hope it's not too late to post here, and hope to see you soon :)