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Milan - 1 jobs in January 2016

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iubenda.com | Milano / Bologna / Remote, onsite


We are one of the few Italian web companies with an international vision and purpose. We have an onsite and partly remote, international team and we'd like to add more people who believe in our vision and would like to shape the future of our company.

We currently serve over 16.000 paying customers in 100+ different countries. The company is very healthy and financing its growth independently. You can check out our website at www.iubenda.com. The legal market has been largely untouched by the digital revolution. Our aim is to be the leading providers of online legal services. We started from offering privacy/e-commerce compliance to SMB and so far we’ve been dominating this small niche.

The positions we're hiring for: + Lawyer + Business Developer, Enterprise and Inbound Sales Agent + Senior JS Developer + UI Designer and HTML/CSS developer

Get in touch with me at simon at iubenda.com, I'm looking forward to talk to you