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New Orleans - 1 jobs in January 2016

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APMT Inc. | New Orleans, LA | Full Time, ONSITE

Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies, Inc. (APMT) is a New Orleans based startup company that is disrupting the polymer manufacturing and protein characterization industries by building the next generation of process monitoring instruments. APMT was founded in March 2012 and has expanded to a core team of 15 people. Our company is on a steady growth trajectory and we'd like you to be a part of it.

We're seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated full-time software engineer to focus on design and development of our next generation of software products. We're looking for someone with C# development experience, preferably focused on desktop applications. We're working to bridge the gap between science and industry. So you'll have the opportunity to tackle some challenging problems at both the science lab and industrial plant scales.

Our current stack includes: C#, Postgres, C++, and Python.

See the full job listing here: http://www.apmtinc.com/#!job-postings/cy2x. If you're interested, please shoot us an email: jobs@apmtinc.com.