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Phoenix - 3 jobs in January 2016

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Amazon Flex | Seattle, Toronto, Phoenix, Austin [All ONSITE] | SDEs, Interns, SDETs | https://flex.amazon.com/

I'm an SDE on a Toronto-based team. This whole org is still being bootstrapped, and we need to hire more talented developers.

Amazon’s new delivery platform, Amazon Flex, aims to delight customers by delivering millions of packages faster than ever before. We are expanding our platform rapidly to new geographies and products from groceries to big-screen TVs in an increasingly complex transportation network.

Our Transportation Technology group is responsible for designing and implementing software that makes the delivery of these items possible in one hour or less. We are building software that predicts, plans, schedules, routes and executes on the speedy delivery promise in a cost effective manner.

Software at Amazon is typically "use whatever works best", but so far my corner of Flex has mostly been AWS and Java 8.

You can apply directly online: http://www.amazon.jobs/results?jobCategoryIds[]=70&searchStr...

Or send me an email- my username @ amazon.com. I'm happy to answer any questions, and forward resumes off to the managers/recruiting for a specific area you're interested in.


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Carvana - http://carvana.com/ | Phoenix, AZ | ON-SITE | FULL-TIME | Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UI/UX Designers

As part of the engineering team, I know we use the best tools to get the job done. We are backed by Azure and each developer has Pluralsight, Safari and MSDN subscriptions.

• Front-end Engineer (CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, AngularJs) (https://boards.greenhouse.io/carvana/jobs/136088)

• Full-stack Engineer (AngularJs, MVC, WebApi, C#, SQL, Mongo, ElasticSearch) (https://boards.greenhouse.io/carvana/jobs/91003)

• Data Scientist (SQL, R, Python) (https://boards.greenhouse.io/carvana/jobs/90990)

At Carvana, we are turning the most excruciating purchase (car buying) into something meaningfully better by approaching the whole experience in a completely new way. We provide a seamless, 100% online car buying solution for consumers from end-to-end. Our customers can complete their purchase in as little as 15 minutes and we deliver cars to our customers’ doors in as little as 24 hours with a 7 day money back guarantee. Our customers can even pick up their car from one of our fully-automated Car Vending Machines! http://www.carvana.com/vendingmachine

In order to deliver, we need a diversity of perspectives and experience. If you are energized by thinking creatively and working for a company where you will be able (and expected) to make a meaningful impact from day one, then we are the spot for you.

We are a well-funded, fast growing company with many open positions.

Learn more at http://www.carvana.com/careers or contact me at nate.fuller@carvana.com


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Opendoor - www.opendoor.com - San Francisco, CA - https://www.opendoor.com/jobs

At Opendoor we're changing the way homes are bought and sold.

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events, with months of uncertainty. We are empowering people with a simpler, more thoughtful approach to selling their house and buying their dream home. We are live in our first market and are experiencing phenomenal growth. We have an amazing team of talented and passionate engineers and data scientists.

We are looking for general engineers, front-end engineers, and data scientists to help us change the real estate industry. We've been featured on the breakout list http://www.breakoutlist.com/

Technologies we work with: Angular, Rails, PostGIS, Python, AWS, Webpack, Phoenix (Elixir), GoLang, Docker.

Help us reinvent life’s largest and most important transaction.