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Salt Lake City - 1 jobs in January 2016

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Recursion Pharmaceuticals | SLC, Utah | Onsite, full-time

Senior Data Scientist

We have 20 TB of high-resolution images of human cells, some diseased, some healthy, which we have to statistically distinguish as a first step to finding cures for rare genetic diseases. Our small team of biology and math Ph.D.’s has the potential to save lives and be at the forefront of the revolution in image-based biological analysis.

What we do

There are more than 5,000 untreated rare genetic diseases, which together affect nearly ten million people in the US alone. Each of these diseases affects too few people for traditional pharmaceutical companies to approach them, so we're building a way to seek treatments for hundreds of these diseases in parallel. We aim to find treatments for 100 of them in the next 10 years.

What you’ll do

As the second member of our data science team, you’ll collaborate with our biologists to guide our experimental design, improve the models that drive our analysis, and use our data answer questions that guide our scientific and technical strategy. We currently work mainly with the python scientific stack, including pandas and IPython, and making some use of such libraries as sklearn, while also building our own models for machine learning and statistical inference. See the posts linked below for more details.


We're based in Research Park at the edge of the mountains overlooking Salt Lake City, Utah. Gorgeous hiking/running/biking is literally out our back door, and it's half an hour to 5 top ski resorts. We offer competitive pay, health insurance, relocation assistance (working at the office is part of the deal), equity, an awesome team to work with, and the chance to impact the world in a massively positive way.


Data science post: http://www.recursionpharma.com/senior-python-data-scientist.... Data science applications: datasci@recursionpharma.com

See who we are: http://www.recursionpharma.com/team