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Stockholm - 4 jobs in January 2016

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Linnarsson lab, Karolinska Institutet | Stockholm, Sweden [ ONSITE

I'm a full professor of molecular neuroscience, leading a group of ten people (PhD students, postdocs). We use single-cell RNA sequencing to discover and understand all the cell types of the mouse brain. We have published very well (Science, Nature, etc) and have just been funded to map every cell type in the mouse nervous system. This is an incredibly exciting project: for the first time, we will be able to say exactly what types of cells exist in every brain region, and which genes are specifically active in those cells. We have great funding for the next five years.

Now, I'm looking for a front-end programmer with some back-end skills to help build a data portal to share our data with the scientific community.

* Work in our team in Stockholm, Sweden

* Work with people from all over the world (English is our working language)

* Help us do groundbreaking science!

* Ok salary, great Swedish employment benefits

We're looking for someone who can build an UI, with tools for visualising and browsing a very large and complex dataset. We think you love making data pretty! Currently, we use

* Python for the back-end and tools

* React and D3 for the front-end

Check out our work at linnarssonlab.org and github.org/linnarsson-lab

Interested? Contact me at sten.linnarsson@ki.se!




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Spotify - Stockholm, Sweden. Full Time, on-site.

Data Engineer with focus on Hadoop and infrastructure.

Help us figure out how to deliver a great Hadoop service and experience to a growing company that's betting big on data. We use our data platform not just to inform the business but as a huge part of the product [0].

Our cluster is one of the largest and fastest growing Hadoop installations in Europe with around 1600 nodes 60PB storage.

Get in touch with us: https://www.spotify.com/us/jobs/view/oskF1fwc/

[0] http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/30/9416579/spotify-discover-w...


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Pilloxa | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE

Pilloxa is an eHealth IoT startup looking for app/backend devs. We are in an early stage so a great opportunity to have a major impact on building the company and changing the eHealth industry.

Clojure(Script) (generally focusing on functional languages), React and possibly React Native for iOS/Android.

Help us save lives!

recruitment (at) pilloxa.com


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Stockholm/Sweden | Clojure programmer | #ONSITE

I'm looking for Clojure programmer to join my backend & services team.

Here's more information about the position: https://gist.github.com/timgluz/00a76995d9665ead12d3