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Warsaw - 2 jobs in January 2016

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Full-Time Frontend Engineer | Warsaw, Poland

codebeat (https://codebeat.co) is a developer-oriented static code analysis startup. We're primarily backend engineers and computer scientists (ex. Google & Facebook) and have developed a set of state of the art algorithms for language-agnostic static code analysis. We built an MVP around it which we quietly launched (supporting Ruby and Go for now) but we badly need help with frontend magic.

YOU are proficient with JavaScript and are comfortable with different frontend frameworks. Our current frontend is built using Marionette and Backbone so we'd like you to be able to jump right in. In the long run however we would like you to cleanly rewrite the frontend using the technology of your choice. Our primary working language is English and so we require working proficiency.

We are a startup but we're fully funded and we can ensure that the successful candidate is happy with their renumeration and benefits package. International candidates with EU work permit are more than welcome provided they're willing to move to Poland.

If this sounds interesting please kindly send me your resume to marcinw[at]codebeat[dot]co.


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Code Fibers | http://en.codefibers.pl | Warsaw, Poland -- REMOTE or ONSITE

Building professional and freelance projects using many technologies including: PHP, Node.js, Go Lang, Bash, Python, Lua, MongoDb, Redis, Postgresql. Building web applications using PHP and Symfony2, Node.js, Neo4j and websockets

Buliding custom solutions for data store, warehouse, streaming targeting high performance and low latency Programming web crawlers and scraping high volumes of data (including sites protected against crawling), bots, robots mimicking users

R&D of many areas including: - machine learning technologies and genetic algorithms to use for algorithmic trading - IoT with BluetoothLE, Arduino, RaspberryPi and custom circuits

Email: peter@codefibers.pl