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Zurich - 3 jobs in January 2016

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Zürich, Switzerland | REMOTE Full-stack Rails Developer | http://scm.st/kyr6dy

Shortcut is an emerging startup company based in Zurich, Switzerland. We offer an app marketing platform for app owners to get increase user engagement. We are exploring new solutions off the beaten track to growth-hack app marketing and for this we need your help.

We are seeking a talented full-stack rails developer with a passion for UI/UX and great HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge. The ideal profile combines deep experience in full-stack web development with a strong computer science background. Experience with mobile (web) application development and/or modern deployment techniques like docker is a plus.

You will help building the web-part of our deep linking solutions. And you will be responsible of a determined set of existing and new features. We are a small team and there are many more fields a helping hand is needed. So if you have experience or are interested in other topics like deployment (AWS/docker), scalability, mobile development (our SDK) there is definitely the possibility to advance.

This is a full-time position. We are located in Zurich, Switzerland and Helsinki, Finland. Part of our team already works remotely, so we already have a remote-working culture in place.

Apply for this position: Send resume with references to careers at shortcutmedia dot com. If available also:

* Personal website, blog etc * Projects you’ve worked on / code samples you are proud of * github username


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Quatico | Switzerland, Zurich | Java Lead Product Engineer / Software Engineer Java | Full-time |

Job-ad in German, since you have to speak German for this role:

Als Lead Product Engineer bei Quatico kannst du in einem "firmeninternen Startup" ein neues Softwareprodukt im Cloud Umfeld von Grund auf mitentwickeln und mit deinen Fähigkeiten den Erfolg massgeblich mitgestalten.

Quatico bietet eine einmalige Chance richtig spannende Arbeit zu machen. Ausser dem Gehalt, das netto zwischen 7000 CHF und 9000 CHF liegen kann (https://medium.com/@iwaninzurich/eight-reasons-why-i-moved-t...) locken auch spannende Kollegen. Dein potentieller zukünftiger Chef (der Lead Architekt) hat einen Doktor der TU Berlin und hat früher mit Erich Gamma ("Gang Of Four") bei IBM zusammengearbeitet.

Schreib mir eine Mail, wenn du mehr Infos willst: iwang@fastmail.net


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Labster.com | Switzerland, Zurich | .NET, C# / Lead architect and VP of engineering | Full-time | Remote might be possible if you can be in Zurich first for 4-6 initial months

We are building a learning platform (with virtual reality as an add-on) lab for schools and colleges. The dev team is 10 people in Asia (half of them are Westerners) and the team in Zurich is being build from scratch. Salary is 80k - 120k+ CHF per year. This amounts to 7-9k CHF per month in net-salary due to the low taxes (https://medium.com/@iwaninzurich/eight-reasons-why-i-moved-t...). We look for a .NET, C# / Lead architect and VP of engineering hires to work closely together with the CTO, who is in Zurich.

Mail our hiring team, if you want to get more information: whoishiring@gmx.ch.