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Cape Town - 3 jobs in October 2016

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SimplePay | Cape Town, South Africa | Ruby on Rails Developer | ONSITE VISA


SimplePay is hiring mid-level to senior Ruby on Rails developers to help with our global expansion. We currently have clients in South Africa, Singapore and Ireland. We aim to delight customers with how simple we make payroll.

The role will be mostly back-end focused, with PostgreSQL as database. But some front-end skills will be a plus. Web development outside of Rails is also welcome, as long as you're happy to convert.

The most important part of the interview is an object oriented design exercise, which is also a test of problem-solving skills.

Visas: We may be able to assist with visas for foreign candidates. However, the South African government does not publish clear guidelines on experience required. A comp sci degree will be a minimum requirement. If you also have 3 years of software development experience it will greatly help your chances. I'm sure you'll love living in Cape Town.

Please mail careers@simplepay.co.za if you're interested, putting "Hacker News" in the subject line.

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Cape Town, South Africa | UNIX Sys Admin | Full/part-time | Remote (but in CT)

* GNU/Linux (.deb/.rpm), FreeBSD, Mac OS (virtually no Windows)

* KVM-based virtualization (virsh, libvirt, bridging)

* Network (ssh, rsync, OpenWRT, etc)

* Bash scripting ($* vs $@)

* Security (X509, letsencrypt, Yubikey, etc)

* ZFS/Btrfs/COW (one-shot VMs, etc)

At Code Synthesis we build development tools and you will help maintain the development/deployment infrastructure.



If you are interested, boris@codesynthesis.com.

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weFix Repair Specialists (previously iFix) | Cape Town, South Africa | Full-Time ONSITE | Contract REMOTE | R540-660k/year

Solve retail and warehousing problems in a greenfield Python/ReactJs stack. Small team, growing company with 30+ retail stores in ZA. Experience in accounting, logistics or retail is a plus.

Interview process is a small paid project that touches codebase to fix a bug or implement a real feature.

Send GitHub profile to: petrus@wefix.co.za

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