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Santa Barbara - 1 jobs in October 2016

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Procore Technologies (https://www.procore.com/jobs/engineering.php) | Santa Barbara County, CA | ONSITE | Software Engineers

Build the software that builds the world

Procore Technologies provides cloud-based construction management software to clients across the globe. Like our customers, we are a team of builders; crafting and coding a platform to delight over a million users and simplify their experience. Our development team of 100+ work on the entire tech stack (from low-level database operations to front end development). Our tech stack is Ruby (2.2.4) / Rails (4.2.4) / Postgres (9.4.4) - with a few microservices in Elixir, and Rust where we need to focus on high concurrency and performance. We have overhauled our front end to implement ReactJS and Redux. Our mobile apps provide access to many of Procore’s tools on iOS, Android and Windows.

Some positions we are hiring for:

Senior Android Engineer: http://grnh.se/t3ocix1 Senior Software Engineer (iOS): http://grnh.se/i1e78j1 Senior Software Engineer (JavaScript): http://grnh.se/84h6yd1 Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails): http://grnh.se/4qfhwm1 Software Engineer (UWP): http://grnh.se/48hute1

View all open jobs at procore.com/jobs/

Apply online or reach out directly to @ kaleen.baker@procore.com