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West Hollywood - 1 jobs in October 2016

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Wag Labs, Inc. | wagwalking.com | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | Onsite | No VISA sponsorship (except Canadian/Australian citizens)

Wag is the fast-growing on-demand dog walking startup and we're currently offering our dog walking service in 10 major cities in the US. Our HQ is conveniently located on the Sunset Strip (West Hollywood) and we're backed by several top VCs.

Our tech stack consists of: backend API (PHP/Laravel), iOS apps (Obj-C), Android apps (Java/Javascript), web app (Angular) and internal tools that use React/Redux.

We know you are busy so we aim not to take too much of your time, our interview process is: online code challenge (1-3 hrs), 1-2 phone screens if not local (< 1.5hr) and an on-site interview (<3 hrs).

We are looking for:

Full Stack Engineer - proficient in at least 1 backend language (php/python/ruby/go/etc) and in javascript (angular/react), devops experience a plus

Mobile Engineer - iOS and/or Android, experience w/ working in a mobile development team, releasing multiple versions of the same app and at least 1 app in the app store

Product Designer - experience w/ mobile app design, DTP, vector art, portfolio required

QA/Test Engineer - experience w/ automated software testing, regression testing, stress testing, assist unit testing with writing test frameworks, misc. functional/nonfunctional testing.

Please submit resume, a short intro abt yourself, and the role you're applying for to melvin@wagwalking.com