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Cambridge, UK - 1 jobs in November 2016

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IntelliSense.io | Cambridge, UK | ONSITE We are building Internet of Things applications for capital and asset intensive industries to dramatically improve efficiency and productivity. We are building a scalable hybrid cloud/on-prem platform that takes real-time sensor data and applies our models (numerical and machine learning based) and renders data in a web front end to allow mine operations teams to have a firm understanding of our insights. Our insights are integrated back into our clients systems to allow for automation of optimisation. Our development team has a broad range of backgrounds from computer science and intensive programming courses to drumming.

We are using a stack based on Node.js, Python, Mongodb, Angular and Plottable.js. Currently we are a small team of software engineers (3) and process/equipment modelling experts (4).

Backend Data Engineer | The focus of this role will be taking the real-time data processing framework we have built so far and turning it into something that will scale with us as we grow. Our current data pipeline is based on node.js streams but we are looking to leverage some of the other data processing frameworks out there.

Interview process consists of: Meeting with the software lead, small programming project and a final interview with the team.

If you are interested reach out to us at careers@intellisense.io with a brief introduction and your resume.

More details about the company can be found at: https://intellisense.io/join-us/