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Cluj-Napoca - 1 jobs in November 2016

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Sector Labs | Full-time | ONSITE | Cluj-Napoca, Romania | https://sectorlabs.ro/jobs

We're a small company with a nice office in the city center of Cluj-Napoca. We operate some of the biggest real-estate web portals in four countries in Asia. That might sound boring, but we deal with high traffic on multiple sites in different countries. We hire for programming skills not technology.

We're looking for people who enjoy programming and are not caught up in ideological wars about technology. Someone who is pragmatic enough to realise that life is too short not to use the right tool for the job. At the moment we're using a Python centric stack. But, tomorrow? Who knows?

We offer:

- The best and hoping to get the same in return: we chose a location in the heart of the city so you can have access to a bunch of good restaurants, we let you chose your hardware to work on, we buy top-of-the-line chairs from Herman Miller and Steelcase (your choice) and standing desks and will keep on trying to make the workplace better than our homes.

- Autonomy: you will choose the tools you want to use and get to make all the technical decisions as long as they make sense (that's for our architect to decide)

- Mastery: we will encourage and support you to learn as long as it takes so you can feel proud about your work (the nice side effect of this is having awesome products built by you)

Contact us at: jobs@sectorlabs.ro