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Culver City - 1 jobs in November 2016

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RINSE | San Francisco, CA, Culver City, CA, Bozeman, MT, and Washington, DC | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for over three years now, our business fundamentals are solid, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions:

1) We're looking for a Software Developer with a Front-End focus at our San Francisco headquarters. The ideal candidate will have expertise in javascript front-end frameworks like Vue.js, Backbone.js, or Angular. We'd also prefer someone with hybrid mobile app development using tools like Cordova/PhoneGap or Trigger.io, ideally with some experience on the Android and iOS native side as well. We're a small (but growing!) team, so an experienced candidate will have significant influence on the direction, tools, and architecture of our front-end tools, both on the web and in our apps. We're open to developers of all experience levels! https://www.rinse.com/careers/software-engineer/

2) We're hiring a Valet Community Operations Manager at our headquarters in San Francisco. This is a high-visibility role that involves managing and coordinating hundreds of part-time personnel alongside local leadership in each of our cities. The ideal candidate has excellent communication and organizational skills, and experience managing a mobile, remote, and/or part-time work force. https://angel.co/rinse/jobs/178688-operations-manager-valet-...

3) We're also looking for a number of Customer Service Associates and Managers at various experience levels. Empathy, diligence, and strong communication skills are important attributes of successful Customer Service personnel at Rinse. We're particularly interested in candidates who can work evenings or weekends. https://angel.co/rinse/jobs/73567-customer-service-associate...

Interested in the maturing delivery startup scene, but want to join one with a sustainable business model? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly to apply.