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Denver - 5 jobs in November 2016

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Colorado Springs/Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins, CO - ONSITE, Full-time) CA Technologies - Yipee.io incubation product (www.yipee.io) - LEAD UI DEVELOPER

At Yipee.io, we're creating a DevOps tool that reduces friction for teams building and bringing micro service applications to market. We believe developers and operators can effectively communicate using a single application model which is the same from the developers laptop to the production environment.

Yipee.io is an Enterprise Lean Startup, running inside one of the largest independent software corporations in the world, CA Technologies. We believe in rapidly iterating on solutions with our customers, to find problems that are worth solving.

Are you passionate about improving the lives of teams building micro service applications comprised of Docker containers? Do you thrive in a startup environment, where it’s up to you to solve a wide range of technical problems and work across the stack? If so, we’d love to meet you!

Signs of an Awesome Candidate: • You have used several Web UI frameworks including AngularJS or React to create an awesome web experience for customers • You have used NodeJS as a backend for some of your web applications • You're passionate about testing • You love automation • You have experience with Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes or similar

If interested, please email connor.leahy@ca.com

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JumpCloud | Sr. Software Engineer, Sr. DevOps Engineer, Security Engineer | Boulder, Colorado (Greater Denver Area)


At JumpCloud, we have a plan. See, there’s this company that is ripe for displacement. They put out software that everyone uses but nobody loves. We think we can do it better. Much better. We can make it easy-to-use, more powerful, and massively scalable / highly available by putting it in the cloud. Just like Gmail supplanted Exchange, we want to disrupt (yes, we said it) the Directory server market.

Who are we? We’re the scrappy underdog with the backing of serious VCs and the experience of a crack team of founders and engineers with decades of identity and Security experience.

Who are we looking for? Comrades in arms to fight the entrenched opposition. People who want to seriously change Identity and Directory Management. We’re funded, we’re in downtown Boulder, and we’re making a big difference. Get in here and be a part of it!

Stack: Postgres/Mongo/Redis, NodeJS/Golang, Docker/Saltstack

Contact: jobs@jumpcloud.com


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Stay22.com | Denver/Boulder, Montreal | Co-founder | ONSITE

Stay22 helps events solve the accommodation pain for their out-of-town attendees. We offer a map plugin directly embedded on the event page where the attendees can find the best place to sleep at the best location.

A few of our customers that are using us: Traction Conf, ESL, Everfest

We're currently at an accelerator in Colorado since last week. Decent traction, making money, and looking for a full-stack developer that can do the company's bidding ;)

Reach out directly to me: hamed@stay22.com

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SendGrid | Software Engineers, Test/QA, Ops | San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Orange County | Full Time

Hi, I'm Eric and I'm a frontend engineer at SendGrid. We send a huge portion of the world's meaningful email. Whether it's an instant receipt after an Uber ride or an Airbnb booking confirmation, we deliver it. Our platform team works on tough scaling challenges, while our applications team maintains an informative analytics dashboard for our customers.

The people here are absolutely fantastic - we bring in the best and trust them to get the job done. We're about 300 strong, and we've been growing fast for seven years. Everyone gets competitive salaries, generous pre-IPO options, flexible hours, catered lunch, an annual trip to Mexico ... that list goes on for a while.

Apply: http://grnh.se/xes14l#job-list. If you have questions, or if you'd like an inside perspective on what a day looks like for the Applications & Services team, my email's in my profile.

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ThoughtWorks | Senior Developers & Lead Developers | Full Time | On Site (travel required) | VISA transfer OK | www.thoughtworks.com/

ABOUT US: We work with people and organizations who have ambitious missions - whether they are in the commercial, social or government sectors. We set up smart teams who love challenges and think disruptively to help our clients succeed. Our Agile development tools help our clients continuously improve and deliver quality software.

We are focused on helping our industry improve, and believe in sharing what we learn. We do this by writing books, blogging, running events, talking at conferences, and championing open source.

We are strong believers in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. Through our Social Impact Program, we collaborate with organizations with a humanitarian mission and broad reach, helping them use technology to make an impact.

OPENINGS: Senior Developers (all locations) Lead Developers (all locations)

LOCATIONS: New York, New York Atlanta, Georgia Chicago, Illinois Dallas, Texas Denver, Colorado San Francisco, California

TECHNOLOGY: We don't have a tech stack – our clients do. We're technology agnostic, so that we can recommend the right solution for each client - the nature of consulting means that the languages we code in and technical environments vary from project to project. ThoughtWorks looks for individuals with expertise in multiple technologies, but most importantly, those who are always willing and hungry to learn more. Keywords: java, ruby, .net, scala, clojure, python, ios, c#, android

Visit www.thoughtworks.com/careers to learn more and apply.