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Gurgaon - 2 jobs in November 2016

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RedCarpetUp | Delhi/Gurgaon, India | Full Time | On-Site

We are a YC-S15 startup (one of the few based out of India). Our mission is to expand access to credit for the Next Billion Users - using the power of machine learning and the smartphone. We've a bunch of exciting engineering problems to solve and want you to have a significant say in how we solve it. We believe in giving you full autonomy and creating an environment where you can innovate without fear.

Our stack is Python, Celery, Postgres, Redis, PySpark, Pandas and Neo4j. Our internal apps are all built on Reactjs and served statically using s3. On Android, we use a lot of RxJava and some amount of Kotlin.

Read about our culture here - https://www.redcarpetup.com/jobs/

We are looking for full-stack hackers who can grow into leadership roles here. This is a senior position and we are looking for people who architect and lead.

We are also looking for a (remote/onsite) senior data scientist with previous production credit scoring experience. Read about it here - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12763113

Contact: sss [@] redcarpet [dot] cash or at https://www.redcarpetup.com/jobs/

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Efficient Bazaar | Gurgaon (Gurugram), India | Full-time | ONSITE | INR400k-INR1500k

We at Efficient Bazaar are building a B2B marketplace servicing the hospitality industry for their procurement needs. We are currently live in 3 cities across India and are scaling up our technology team to match our business capacity.

We are looking for

1. Senior Full Stack Developers: 2-5 years: PHP, Magento, MySQL

2. Senior/Junior Full Stack Developers: 0 to 5 years: Python, Django, Postgres

Developer roles are not limited to these technologies. We believe in using right tool for the job. There are enough use cases on our product and technologies roadmap to make use of fancy Javascript libraries, react.js, Golang, elastic search, redis, few of aws offerrings and more. We are looking forward to a service based architecture. There will be many external service integrations in our pipeline.

We make use of git, trello, slack in daily workflows.

Our interview process is:

- screening call. get to know each other, discuss your past tech experience

- a small technical challenge to evaluate your skills* You can do this at your convenience and it won't take more than 45-60 minutes.

- in depth technical interview. discuss your solution and many other technical questions. We don't ask to solve puzzles on whiteboard. Questions will be more about problems we face day to day, OOP, platform specific topics etc. It will be face2face for local candidates and on phone for long distance candidates.

- talk to our HR

- talk to our ceo

Process should take less than 2 weeks (after screening) if you have time. We provide relocation support within India. We can't offer vi$@, remo4e opportunities right now.

reach Rohit Gehe at his @gmail.com address "gehe05". It'd help if you could put [HN] in the subject line.

* This can also be skipped if you have good github repositories of your own. However, note that we'd like to know how you can structure your code, think through and come up with a scalable, extendable solution. If your code doesn't help us with this, we'll ask you to take our test.