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Montreal - 5 jobs in November 2016

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ADFAB | Montreal Quebec | PHP, JS or mobile developers | ONSITE | fulltime | $70-95k

We are a digital and innovation production studio, from classic (websites, mobile apps and desktop) to less classic (IoT, augmented reality), we love doing anything and we can do anything. We designed tailor-made products as far as possible, based on one of the most efficient methodology (TDD, continuous integration and development). Our work is unique and recognised globally.

Let’s talk about tech: we code in PHP 5/6/7 mainly with Symfony 2/3, in HTML5/CSS3-4 with Bootstrap. We worship Javascript universe used with Angular, React, Meteor et Node. As for DB, we stay on the classic line with MySQL but we try stuff like Mongo DB, ElasticSearch... For e-commerce, we mainly used Magento 2.0. And for mobile, we like cross-platforms such as Cordova but anyway we prefer machine languages (Java-Android, Swift, Objective-C).

You : We are not looking for buzz-words such as ninja or jedi or whatever, but just curious developers interested in any web or a mobile technology who wants to succeed both for him and for the company he works for, who likes to work on innovative projects if not crazy, with a highly motivated team in a friendly environment.

If you feel like joining us, send your resume, portfolio, some projects examples or describe your way of being a developer on bonjour@adfab.fr !

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Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site | pornhub.com (NSFW)

Come work at the 22nd highest trafficked website in the world.

We are looking for:

-PHP developers

-Senior front-end developers

-Senior Product Manager

-Senior UI/UX designer

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal.

Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com

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    JavaScript Developer (Knockout) - Montreal (ONSITE)
    Front-end Developer (HTML5, CSS) - Montreal (ONSITE)
    Rails Application Developer (Ruby, PostgreSQL) - Montreal (ONSITE)
    SRE - Montreal (ONSITE, REMOTE)
    Back-end Developer (Erlang, C, C++) - Montreal (ONSITE)
    Analytics Developer (Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Vertica, Kafka) - Montreal (ONSITE)
    Technical Product Manager - Montreal (ONSITE)
AdGear is a digital advertising technology company providing platforms and services for digital media innovators such as publishers, advertisers and media agencies. We operate a full-stack advertising platform enabling our customers to innovate with formats, audience data, reporting, pricing and distribution strategies.

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

Please make sure to CC lp at adgear.com with your email to jobs at adgear.com so we know you're from HN :)

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Stay22.com | Denver/Boulder, Montreal | Co-founder | ONSITE

Stay22 helps events solve the accommodation pain for their out-of-town attendees. We offer a map plugin directly embedded on the event page where the attendees can find the best place to sleep at the best location.

A few of our customers that are using us: Traction Conf, ESL, Everfest

We're currently at an accelerator in Colorado since last week. Decent traction, making money, and looking for a full-stack developer that can do the company's bidding ;)

Reach out directly to me: hamed@stay22.com

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TapClicks | Montreal, QC | competitive pay + stock options

* Intermediate to senior software engineers (back-end (LAMP/PHP), front-end (Angular) and full stack)

We build a unified reporting dashboard mostly targeted at marketing agencies, with connections to 100+ third-party platforms from which we get data through APIs and FTPs in some cases. We also offer a workflow management tool to help make our clients more efficient.

TapClicks is #87 in the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing private US companies for 2016, and has offices in Silicon Valley and Boston.

Half of the engineering team is in Montreal and mostly works from home, with in-person meetings a few times a month in a coworking space (this will likely increase).

We're looking for people in the Montreal area or willing to move to Montreal. We're open to sponsoring VISAs for great candidates.

Email me at plsoucy@tapclicks.com if interested. Thanks!