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San Mateo - 13 jobs in November 2016

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Staples SparX | San Mateo, CA or REMOTE | Full Time

Looking for:

   * Software Engineers
   * Dev Ops
   * Data Scientists
SparX is a small engineering team focused on applying online machine learning and predictive modeling to eCommerce (impacting a 24 billion dollar business). Our stack is 100% Clojure, service oriented, targeting 50 million users with 1ms SLAs. We apply engineering and data science to tough problems such as dynamic pricing, shipping estimations, personalized emails, and multi-variate testing. We are always looking for talent in data science, engineering and devops. Bonus points if you can bridge 2 of these together. We love people with strong fundamentals who can dive deep.

We're a small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role, targeting over 50 million users. But our best perk is our colleagues: a diverse and extremely talented team of seasoned engineers and data scientists. We are located in San Mateo, walking distance from the Cal-Train station. Come visit or apply online at http://staples-sparx.com.

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Scalyr | Agent Engineer | $125-160K, >=0.3% equity | San Mateo, CA (ONSITE)

"Agent Engineer" sounds like something from Person Of Interest, but actually you'll own our lean, mean data collection agent. An ops visibility tool is only as good as the data it collects, and we pride ourselves on gathering everything from logs to system metrics to application metrics to API data. If you enjoy constantly getting to play with new tools, come help us connect to... everything. You'll get to play with packages from Apache to Zookeeper, APIs from AWS to, er, Azure, while tackling challenges such as monitoring 100,000+ simultaneous log files using minimal CPU.

At Scalyr, we've built a log analysis and ops visibility tool that our users rave about, because it smashes expectations for performance and ease of use. We offer the equity, influence, and fun of an early-stage company, with stability, great pay, and a low-stress culture. We have great backers, strong traction, and an 11-digit target market. I've built half a dozen startups, including Writely (aka Google Docs), and I can honestly say this is my favorite so far.

If this sounds like fun, check out the link below, or drop us a line at jobs@scalyr.com.


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Fanatics Inc (http://fanaticsinc.com/careers/) | San Mateo, CA and Jacksonville Florida, and Boulder CO among other places | Full-Time | ONSITE REMOTE | Just about every position at this point, but for keyword sake Frontend, Backend, Cloud Engineer, DevOps, Android, Labs, Marketing, Biz Dev, Design

The quick pitch: We are a Unicorn in the middle of Hyper-growth. We are the largest private company in Florida, and I've been lucky to see my office in Silicon Valley seemingly 10x in size this year.

Fanatics comprises the broadest online assortment by offering hundreds of thousands of officially licensed items via its Fanatics, FansEdge and Kitbag brands, as well as the largest selection of sports collectibles and memorabilia through Fanatics Authentic. A multi-channel company, Fanatics operates more than 300 online and offline stores, including the e-commerce business for all major professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MLS, PGA), major media brands (NBC Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports) and more than 200 collegiate and professional team properties, which include several of the biggest global soccer clubs (Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City).

Don't come here if you don't want work life balance though, we value that.

Want a reference and are local to SF? Send me a private message and I'm happy to meet you for coffee.

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Medallia | Palo Alto (California); Washington DC (Virginia); Buenos Aires (Argentina) | Software Engineer, Front-End, Back-End, Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, iOS, Android, Mobile

News: The headquarters are moving to San Mateo and will be 26 minutes by Caltrain from San Francisco or Palo Alto (free unlimited pass.)

1) Medallia powers reports and surveys for hundreds of the world's best companies like AirBnB, Hilton, Vanguard, Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons, Nordstrom, and Delta Airlines.

2) Sequoia recently invested more money into Medallia than they ever have in any company.

3) We use many technologies and tools on various teams, such as Java, Angular.JS, and React Native. We host some customers on AWS but the majority use our own scalable platform.

Please send me your resume and I'll make sure it gets looked at: email (my HN username) @ medallia.com

- Vlad

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Cyence | San Mateo, CA | Onsite

https://www.cyence.net | jobs@cyence.net

We do Risk Analysis and Data Modeling at scale for the cyber insurance industry. We use data science, machine learning, economic models, and automation at scale to create risk models for companies across all sectors. We've added world renowned insurance customers at a rapid rate, and are focused on hiring.

Some of the positions we're looking for are:

  -Cloud DevOps
  -Data Engineer
  -Data Scientist
  -Cyber Analyst
  -QA Engineer
  -App/UI engineer
  -Software Engineer
But if you're interested in what we do, send us a message, we would love to chat.

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Exabeam | www.exabeamc.om | Fulltime | ONSITE | San Mateo, CA (Bay Area)

Hiring for backend engineers, infrastructure engineers, DevOps Engineers,

What We Do - User Behavior Analytics Exabeam is the leading provider of user and entity behavior analytics, based on security-based data science and innovative Stateful User Tracking technology. We enable customers to detect and thwart cyber attacks that would otherwise go unseen by most enterprises. At the same time, we exponentially increase the productivity and effectiveness of valuable security operations teams by enabling them to cut through the noise of thousands of alerts and focus immediately on high-risk user profiles and behaviors.

Technical Challenges Exabeam faces technical challenges combining the fields of software development, machine learning, and security. The system needs to process a huge amounts of data in real time, including being able to track users as they move in the infrastructure and perform all machine learning/anomaly detection algorithms. The system must be able to scale horizontally to process any type of log/input data.

Exabeam is building two brand new products that are scheduled to be released in early 2017.

Tech Stack Frontend: JavaScript, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Sass, Scala/Play Backend: Scala, Akka, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch, HDFS, Docker

Email me at zack@exabeam.com

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Fieldbook | https://fieldbook.com | San Mateo, CA | Software Engineer, Lead Designer | Full time, Onsite, Visa OK

Fieldbook is a new information tool that combines the best of a spreadsheet and a database. We help business teams get their operations out of spreadsheets—from project tracking, to data collection, to content management systems.

We're pursuing a big vision to bring the power of relational modeling to non-technical end users. It's an ambitious project with deep technical and UI challenges—but one that will transform people's relationship with the tools they use every day.

Our 4-person team has backgrounds from Amazon, Google, and Facebook. We've raised a total of $2.9M to date from investors including Accomplice VC, Pejman Mar Ventures, Naval Ravikant's AngelList syndicate, Mitch Kapor (Lotus), Steven Sinofsky (ex-Microsoft), Eric Ries (Lean Startup), and John Collison (Stripe).

We were #1 on Product Hunt with over 1500 upvotes: https://www.producthunt.com/tech/fieldbook-2

This is an early-stage opportunity that is perfect for someone who wants to optimize for ownership and impact.

Contact: careers@fieldbook.com

More info: https://angel.co/fieldbook/jobs

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Dokkio | Front-End JavaScript; Back-End JavaScript; DevOps | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | Onsite Only, Full time

About Dokkio: Teams everywhere use a wide variety of cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and others to share billions of files a day. Then it’s nearly impossible to find and manage all those files. Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, work on it with others -- to make content-focused teamwork more effective. Join us and become part of the founding technology team of a funded company.

Our Stack: React/Webpack/ES6, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Docker

Positions: - JavaScript Front-End Engineer - JavaScript Back-End Engineer - DevOps Engineer

Email us your resume at jobs-engineer@dokkio.com or jobs-devops@dokkio.com. For full job descriptions, see http://dokkio.com/#jobs

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Ebates | San Francisco, CA | San Mateo, CA | Onsite | www.ebates.com | VISA

Ebates is a profitable, high growth e-commerce company based in San Francisco. We offer a casual but fast paced environment where creativity and effective teamwork and collaboration are rewarded. We are changing the way people shop online, and we strive to provide the best possible customer experience - not to mention cash back on every purchase, with no strings attached. In 2015, members spent over $5 billion on Ebates' websites and since the inception of the company, have earned over $500 million in cash back. During the peak days of 2015, 5% of all online shopping went through Ebates!

I'm currently a senior iOS engineer at Ebates and we're looking to grow the mobile team! Open positions in mobile: - Engineering Manager/Director of Engineering - Android Engineer - iOS Engineer

Contact me directly at mail [at] yuriy.me or apply at https://careers.smartrecruiters.com/ebatesinc

We have a lot of other open positions throughout the rest of the company.

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Super Evil Megacorp | San Mateo | Full-Time | Onsite | Software Engineer


Yes that's our real company name, and we seek to destroy the productivity of mankind with next-gen games on mobile phones. To us, next-gen means AAA-quality graphics, AAA-quality gameplay, AAA-quality controls. Our current project is a game called Vainglory, which is the world's biggest mobile eSport with teams signed by Team Solomid, Cloud9, Team Secret. Founding team is extremely technical and we're rolling our own game engine from scratch. Everyone at the company is obsessed with the game and play everyday, to the detriment of our own productivity.

We're looking for engineers interested in cracking tough problems in these areas: Gameplay, Game Engine, Client, Platform. We're mostly C++ in the frontend and Python in the backend.

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Second Measure | SF Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | ONSITE (relo ok) | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

  - How quickly is Shake Shack growing?
  - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in Boston?
  - How does Hilton spending change after a customer's first Airbnb stay?
  - (Check out our research blog [1])
We were part of YC S15 and launched last August [2].

We’re a 10-person team solving hard problems with cool data. We’re looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

  - Data Scientist (stats + ML; AWS, MTurk, NLP, and Spark helpful; math/science PhD helpful)
  - Research Scientist (stats; SQL and Python helpful; math/science PhD preferred)
  - Senior Software Engineer (frontend/backend/full-stack; Python/JVM/Go; D3; AWS; React/Angular)
Competitive salary and substantial equity. We want our early team to have a large stake in our success.

We have phenomenal traction and raised a strong seed round [3]. Select investors include: Bessemer, Foundation, Norwest, Shasta, and Y Combinator.

We’re in downtown San Mateo, just minutes from Caltrain and 101.

Email jobs@ and CC me, I'm a founder (mike@).

[1] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[2] http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/10/second-measure-launches-off...

[3] http://www.businessinsider.com/second-measure-is-secret-weap...

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Goalbook | Web & Print Designer | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo) | ONSITE


Goalbook is an ed tech startup focused on creating instructional software for K-12 schools. I currently work here as a Software Engineer and I love it - the company culture values the employees very highly. Here is a description of the Web & Print Designer job:

As a website and graphic designer at Goalbook, you’ll play a key role in designing our educator facing resources in Goalbook Toolkit and Pathways, and our company website. You’ll also contribute to our branding and marketing strategy through the design of flyers, print materials and publications. You’ll play a strategic role in educating district and school leaders and teachers about Goalbook’s work and our mission of empowering teachers to transform instructional practice.

Key Responsibilities

Manage the design and update of our goalbookapp.com website

Develop collateral and publications that communicate Goalbook’s thought leadership and the outcomes we help achieve with our district partners

Work closely with our product team to iterate on and design educator facing resources

Manage and analyze user and site analytics

Collaborate and participate in strategic initiatives that impact the entire organization across Partnerships, Success, Marketing, and Product

Required Skills & Experience

Experience working with design tools (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, InVision)

A creative approach to problem-solving and design

1+ years experience developing and maintaining websites

Thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS and jQuery

Passion for tackling the most challenging issues in K-12 education

Entrepreneurial spirit – you’re not here to just execute; challenge us and inspire us and make this your company too

Desired Skills & Experience

Experience working on enterprise websites

Rapid prototyping/sketching tools (e.g. Sketch)

Familiar with Google Analytics – you make data-driven design decisions


Reach out to Daniel Jhin Yoo at jobs[at]goalbookapp.com and provide a cover letter and resume, LinkedIn profile, and how you heard about us. Include any links to personal projects and websites. This position is based in our San Mateo HQ and cannot be remote.

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PacketZoom | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE | Visa OK | Senior Software Engineer (systems level)

We're looking for smart, motivated software engineers to join our team in San Mateo, CA. Ideal candidate is a smart generalist who can dig into any given problem area depending on the needs of the business.

The areas of focus range iOS and Android platform specific work (C++, Java/ObjC), to high qps server engineering (C++/Go), to Data Engineering and analysis at massive scale for the global mobile network performance metrics, visualization and alerting on detecting trends in said data etc. Basically a whole lot of fun for the motivated computer scientist.

You'd be joining a small, elite team of engineers who build and run the PacketZoom stack (https://packetzoom.com/learn.html) on millions of mobile client devices (iOS, Android and any others we decide to pursue) as well as our globally distributed cluster of servers running our own C++ and java code. We also harvest and process millions of mobile network performance data points in realtime while squeezing every last ounce of performance out of the hardware. If that sounds like fun to you, please do connect.

I'm CTO/Founder. My contact info is in my profile.

Also see here https://angel.co/packetzoom/jobs/182850-senior-software-engi...