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Singapore - 8 jobs in November 2016

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Capital Match | Singapore | Full-time | Onsite

Capital Match is a leading marketplace lending and invoice financing platform in Singapore. Our key differentiator is technology, and we aim to build credit risk engine, seamless banking integration and end-to-end product automation from loan origination to debt collection.

We are looking to hire software engineers with at least 2–3 years experience. Our platform is primarily developed in Haskell with an Om/ClojureScript frontend. We expect applicants to either have experience in Haskell, or another functional language and can pick up Haskell quickly.

Our office is in downtown Singapore. Candidates have to live in Singapore or be willing to relocate. Visa sponsorship will be provided. We offer a combination of salary and equity.

If you're interested, just email us at dev@capital-match.com.

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Eyeota | https://www.eyeota.com | Singapore | Fulltime | ONSITE | VISA

Eyeota is the global leader for audience data with over 2 billion unique profiles. Eyeota provides marketers with the data they need to reach the right online audiences and cut campaign waste whilst also enabling publishers to monetize their audiences more widely. In addition, our data delivers deep audience insight to both marketers and online publishers to help them understand their customers in a new way – as human beings. Eyeota supplies third party audience data to all major global and regional ad buying platforms, trading desks, DSPs, DMPs and ad networks. The company was founded in 2010 and has offices in Berlin, London, Melbourne, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

We are looking for both experienced Backend developer (Java) and Full stack developer to join our team in Singapore and be instrumental in taking our products to the next level. In this role, you will be working in close collaboration with a team of highly empowered, experienced developers who are building a high-performance, highly scaled global platform.

Some of the technologies that we use: Java, Clojure, Apache Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Ember.js, Ansible

Full Stack Developer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/229867955?pathWildcar...

Backend Developer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/229871315?pathWildcar...

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CRITEO | http://www.criteo.com | ONSITE, Full-Time | Developers, Data Scientists, Designers, R&D | Paris, San Francisco, Boston, Sao Paolo, London, Tokyo, New York, Singapore, Palo Alto, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Stockholm

Here is a nice video of the life at Criteo: https://youtu.be/i1zC3H3_gik

Positions are full-time, on-site and the company helps with relocation.

Benefits include:

---- 100% premium coverage of Healthcare Plan

---- Competitive compensation + quarterly bonus + stock

---- Career advancement with global mobility opportunities

---- Vacation policy includes 4 Summer Days off

---- Snacks, Happy Hour, Ping-pong table, fun team off-sites

---- Travel & reimbursement options

---- Fidelity 401(k) Retirement Plan

For more details please email at s.ivanov@criteo.com

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ReferralCandy | Singapore | Onsite | Full time | Front end + Full stack Engineers

ReferralCandy helps ecommerce stores increase sales by getting shoppers to refer their friends. Our SaaS app accelerates word-of-mouth referrals for online stores around the world.

We are currently hiring for the following positions: - Backend engineer (ideally Ruby developer - https://angel.co/referralcandy/jobs/83839-mid-senior-fullsta...) - Frontend engineer (Javascript/React - https://angel.co/referralcandy/jobs/84624-mid-level-frontend...)

Generally, we have a phone/in-person interview with a co-founder, followed by a technical screener exercise, and a onsite to meet the team (half a day to one day).

If you’re interested, drop us a line at zachc+hn at referralcandy dot com

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Shift Technology | Paris, France and Singapore | FULL-TIME | ONSITE | Sysadmin, frontend and backend developers

We're a start-up that provides a SaaS solution to insurers to automate fraud detection. We've raised €10m from Accel and other investors and already have clients in 7 countries.

Our main challenges are making sense of a lot of heterogeneous data, analysing it accurately and efficiently and presenting the results to the user in an intuitive way.

Tech: Windows, .NET (C#), SQL Server, JavaScript, React, d3.js, VMware, Azure, Git

We're looking for a lead systems administrator, web developers (including lead) and backend developers in Paris as well as a backend developer in Singapore.

More details at http://www.shift-technology.com/jobs/ Contact hnjobs at shift-technology dot com

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Courex - www.storeviva.com | VP Engineering | Singapore | Full/Flexi-time/Onsite

# What the company does

Courex is a 7 year old ecommerce logistics company driven by technology. We help our customers manage their supply chain so they can focus on selling. We do the following - last mile delivery - warehousing - omnichannel integration

Our operations is driven by technology. Some interesting stuff - We run a hybrid crowd-sourced(uber style) + fixed fleet model. - We built an automated parcel dimension measurement machine using Kinect - We have autonomous robots coming in 2017 to pick and sort parcels

Experience a different sort of scale. Not bits and bytes, but parcels, machines and people. Your work affects the real world.

# What the job entails

We are looking for someone to lead the inventory management or omnichannel products. Our tech stack is Node.js/PHP/Scala/Ruby/Haskell. We allow our engineers to work from home a few days every week.

# Contact

No formal qualifications needed. Please email zan+scala@courex.com.sg if you are interested.

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frame.ai | NYC | Full-time | Software Engineer

Frame helps companies have complex interactions with customers over mobile messaging at scale, harnessing the value of real conversation without the friction and slowness of phone calls and email.

While many startups have rushed to address the messaging opportunity by building single-purpose bots, Frame believes that this wave is premature, and instead is building a platform to help humans have superpowered conversations with each other. Frame connects business teams to mobile messaging apps, then arm company agents with AI-enhanced tooling and automation to help them have high-quality, efficient interactions.

Frame was founded in 2016, has offices in NYC and Singapore, and is backed by top venture capital firms.

We're looking for people with backend and web API experience to join our team. Full description: http://bit.ly/2earnCE

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CloudFlare https://www.cloudflare.com/ | San Francisco, CA; London, UK; Singapore, SG; Urbana-Champaign, IL; Austin, TX | VISA, ONSITE

CloudFlare is building a better Internet -- performance and security optimization at the edge. Our long term goal is to give every site the same performance, security, and reliability that major sites like Google and Facebook accomplish, without any specialized network hardware or complicated administration. We enhance millions of sites, including this one. We're hiring for a variety of roles -- started 2015 at 128, ended around 220, doubling again in 2016.

This is a perfect time to join -- product market fit is established, but there's a lot of great engineering, product, sales, and support work to be done. We've publicly said we're profitable and on track for long term independent success. You may wish to check out our blog to see the kinds of engineering work we do. (https://blog.cloudflare.com/). https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team has a listing of positions. We're always hiring for operations/SRE, sales, general systems engineering (mostly in Go, nginx, and network, as well as DNS at scale), and web development. Specific roles we're keen to hire include:

0) Front End Engineer(s): building new UI/UX to expose controls and data to customers is an increasing portion of what we do. Our current front-end stack is Backbone + Marionette with Browserify and Sass. Our new projects are using React + Redux + Babel + css-modules, and generally adopting Higher Order Components. We're also starting the process of re-imagining our main WWW Front-end stack with a migration to Redux.

1) Data Engineering(s) -- We have a ton of different technologies that our data engineers work with, and they are a really strong core team here. Kafka, PostgreSQL, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, nginx, and so many more technologies.

2) Product Security Engineer -- We have a lot of applications and need more talented software engineers who love to break and fix. We need hands on engineers who are not afraid to dive in and drive fixes to completion, and evangelize security.

3) Systems Engineer (Austin) -- We are hiring systems engineers at all of our offices, but our Austin office is growing very quickly. Our Austin office is working on some really new and innovative projects. Web and distributed systems built with Go, Node, Docker, and much more.

If you're interested, please apply through the https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team link, our recruiting team looks at every single application from every applicant.