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Zurich - 4 jobs in November 2016

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Switzerland, Zurich area | deep-impact | Onsite | Clojure | Full-time


This might be a well-paid opportunity. EU-citizens or people with Swiss work-permit only.

What’s the deal?

Web software creation! As a member of our engineering team, you can get involved in brainstorming, architecture, development, testing, integration, delivery, operations, and project leadership. What you end up doing depends as much on you as on us. We want you to be free to develop your skills precisely where your passions lie.

What are our methods, languages, technologies, etc.?

You’re not going to find a lot of dogma here: we use agile and waterfall concepts as needed – no project is the same. We write in statically and dynamically typed as well as compiled and interpreted languages. We run quite a few databases (SQL or No), and don’t limit ourselves to a single framework. We do however strike a balance between the introduction rate of new tech vs. the need to maintain a stable and productive ecosystem. Here’s a couple of keywords to give you an idea of what we currently use: VanillaJS, AngularJS, React / Flux (Alt), SCSS, Less, Apache, nginx, PHP, Java, Play Framework, Jetty, Clojure, Yada, Ring, SQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, TitanDB, Datomic, DynamoDB, Docker, AWS, CircleCI, Github, CQRS, DDD, Design Sprint.

Who are we looking for?

There is no ready-made mould we are waiting to cast you into. We’re open to fresh talent, seniors, as well as to gurus.

Mail us at:


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Switzerland, Zurich | Onsite | Frontend: Modular CSS + Javascript | Full-time

This might be a exciting, very well-paid opportunity (almost bay-area after-tax salary). Ginetta is a boutique web agency specialized in human-centered design and development. We build websites and mobile apps that set new standards in user experience.

The experiences we create are fast, simple and beautiful. While we focus on the user, we talk business: Through our work, we help our clients thrive in a connected world.

We value people over deadlines. We offer a respectful, creative and result-oriented environment in which you can perform at your highest level. We work hard, sweat the details, and celebrate our progress with drinks at the end of the week.

In these two roles (1. modular CSS, 2. Javascript), you are responsible for building large web applications. You will design and implement clean and robust client side architectures. You will work with a team of remarkably talented and dedicated designers, researchers and developers to help our clients define and meet their project goals.

Your code reflects your consideration for both end users and fellow developers. You are familiar with the latest web technologies, such as node, angular, grunt, bower, karma, protractor, selenium, sass and git. You are passionate about the web but find value in life beyond the screen. You feel comfortable working with a small team in a fast-paced environment.

We value potential over experience. We expect you to be honest, smart and daring. You see feedback as an opportunity to grow. You are keen to learn and eager to succeed.

Hiring process:

- Resume / code-check

- Phone call (getting to know each other)

- Onsite day (half a day)

Send a mail with your Github or / and resume to: jobs@ginetta.tech

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Zurich | Onsite | Php + Java | Full-time

EU-citizens or people with Swiss work-permit only. This might be a well-paid opportunity as we look for someone who can take over most of our CTO's responsibilities. Read more about the life quality in Zurich here:


We revolutionize point of sales for small and medium size business and we run a SaaS app that connects our iPad POS system with webhops.

Hiring process:

- Resume / code-check

- Phone call (getting to know each other)

- Onsite day (half a day)

Send a mail to:


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Swisscom | Bern, Zurich or Lausanne, Switzerland | Full-Time (80-100%) | ONSITE | https://swisscom.com

Swisscom is a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland - a company strongly driven by innovation.

We are hiring a new team member for our Big Data infrastructure squad, you’ll be building and scaling a robust platform that enables other engineering teams to develop new data products at Swisscom.

You’ll be designing, implementing and operating Swisscom’s Big Data infrastructure to manage petabytes of data and process millions of events per second in real time. You will work with open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, and Spark and you will be you will be an active member of the open source community.

Current technologies : Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Ansible, RHEL.

We can help with your relocation.

Contact us at david.jacot@swisscom.com to apply.