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Greenwich - 1 jobs in December 2016

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Software Engineer (C++) | Greenwich, CT or NYC | Full-time | Onsite | http://www.neomantra.com

Neomantra is developing a next-generation market data visualization and analytics product for desktop and mobile. Our product allows retail and professional traders to see and understand the stock market in unprecedented ways. With our powerful subscription-based tools, they can make better trading decisions.

Our back-end technology is rooted in HFT and HPC infrastructure. We are colocated at the exchanges, directly receiving the firehose of market data. We effectively take the stock market, convert it into web-friendly JSON stored in in-memory databases, and transmit it on-demand to end users. Our middle tier is a combination of Nginx/OpenResty, Node.js, and custom C++ WebSocket servers, while our front-end is HTML5, WebGL, JavaScript/TypeScript, and React.

We are seeking a C++ expert to work on our backend systems. We are a small tight-knit engineering team and you will get exposure to all aspects of our system. Notably, you'll get to use C++11/14 on high-performance low-latency projects such as market data feed handling, messaging fabrics, analytics pipelines, and HTTP data services. We use kernel bypass technology on multi-core shared-memory systems and love libraries like boost and folly. We actively collaborate with the Open Source community and give back as much as possible.

We are based in Greenwich, CT, near the MetroNorth station. We are open to semi-remote candidates (on-site twice a week) coming from NYC and may open a WeWork office in midtown. We offer competitive compensation tailored to your needs.

Email jobs@neomantra.com with an introduction and your resume. Thank you for your interest!