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Gurgaon - 2 jobs in December 2016

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Flock | https://flock.co | Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai (India) | Full time

Flock is a communication app for teams. Packed with tons of productivity features, Flock drives efficiency and boosts speed of execution. Flock is a part of Directi, which comprises of other successful businesses, including Radix, Ringo, Zeta and Media.net.

We've also built FlockOS, which enables developers to build apps, bots and integrations on top of Flock: https://docs.flock.co

We're looking for experienced software developers to help us make Flock and FlockOS better. We have openings for:

* Android Engineers (Java)

* iOS Engineers (Objective-C/Swift)

* Frontend Engineers (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

* Backend Engineers (Java, Node.js)

To apply, send me your CV at chaitanya@flock.co

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Tower Research Capital LLC | Onsite (New York, Singapore, Gurgaon/New Delhi and London), VISA

Tower Research is a computerized trading firm headquartered in New York City with major offices around the world. Successful electronic trading firms integrate a number of disciplines into order to be successful, including systems engineering, statistics, computer science, finance, and street smarts. Tower Research has assembled a team of outstanding engineers and traders who have built some of the fastest, most intelligent computer systems in the world.

Tower’s high-performance infrastructure is at the heart of what we do, and our Core Engineering team is critical to the continuing success of our business. Software plays a critical role in every part of our business: we consider ourselves a technology company as much as a trading company. The Core Engineering team performs a wide variety of functions, including designing, implementing, and optimizing our trading platform; developing systems that provide easy access to market data and trading simulations; creating tools to analyze data for patterns; and providing real-time trade support and risk management. You can check out our jobs page for the roles we are currently hiring for.

Technologies: We use C++(11/14) to build our trading systems and much more. Automation is mostly handled through Perl and Python scripts. But that is not a strict requirement if you can churn out good documentation :)

You can either apply to the jobs page (https://www.tower-research.com/open-positions/) directly, or email me at akshaydixi+tower at google's email service with your resume and a small blurb about yourself so I can take advantage of our generous referral programme :)