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Hong Kong - 1 jobs in December 2016

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AXA Investment Managers Chorus | Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer | Hong Kong, Paris | VISA, https://www.axa-im.com/en/

AXA IM Chorus is an affiliate company of AXA Investment Managers. We are building a new quantitative, systematic investment fund.

We are a small development team and we are looking for passionate and talented people to join us:

* Data Engineer: ensure data quality and maintain the referential, help quants; experience with financial data is mandatory

* Software Engineer: write all the software stack, from simulation to trading; previous experience in finance is strongly appreciated but not mandatory

* Site Reliability Engineer: grow our infrastructure in the cloud, ensure it always work and fits both developers and quants needs

* Support Engineer: help us manage incidents both technical and business related

Current technical stack:

* Python 3, Pandas & Django

* PostgreSQL

* Linux, Puppet, Terraform & AWS

* Git


* Hong Kong: All positions are open, VISA is sponsored

* Paris: Only the Data Engineer position is currently open, no VISA sponsorship

If you are interested or have any question, feel free to contact us on chorus _dot_ it _dot_ jobs _at_ axa-im _dot_ com.